Rejected Zoppy Staff App. 2


Aug 7, 2019
Melon Gardens
1) What is your Minecraft username?

2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?
I am 13 and I’m in GMT-8 (PST).

3) How long have you played on our servers?
Since around November 2018.

4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?
If someone asks a question about commands in chat, I answer, and even tell them a little bit more than they might need to ensure they get a good handle on the subject. I’ve also answered/helped others in #reports-and-help on the Discord.

I give players fair prices when selling items on Atlas. If I think they’re paying too much, I’ll let them know! Sometimes I’ll find prices and teach them how much certain items are. I want people to have a good time playing, and I don’t want people to get scammed.

I’ve given tutorials to new players. I tell them about /wiki, /vote, /rules /p h, and anything else they’ll need. I also answer any questions they may have. This helps them with starting off on Ruinscraft, and hopefully improves their time here.

I like to help people build things. It’s always fun to see the end product of someone’s build. This is helpful when it’s a large or complicated one, as one person building something massive/tedious is time consuming and can get boring.

In the past, I’ve helped others by reporting griefs to the Discord for people who didn’t have access to it yet. This saved them the troubles of waiting for a staff member, and lessened the wait time.

5) In what ways would you improve the server?
My ideas:
There could be naturally spawning structures that have a chance of occurring when there’s a rollback. They are specific to the area, for example, pillars will appear in Greece, Shrines in Japan, etc. They will be small structures that provide easy resources for players. It doesn’t have to be limited to just monuments though, natural structures can include abandoned railways, treasure chests, etc.

(Plots) I’m bringing back my build showcase idea from my mock application, but have edited it:
For this, players would get a plot much smaller than the ones you get on Plots. It would be in it’s own dimension and have it’s own portal, like how Atlas/Plots has their own. People would get enough room to display something small that they’re proud of or want others to see.

An alternative to this would be something like the roleplay start command. Instead of the event stopping when you leave, it would be active until the player cancels it. The command will require the player to set the event in a specific area on the plot. It would also have it’s own accessibility command and section, like how the event one brings up the list of running events.

How I would help:
By becoming staff, I would increase staff activity. I spend a lot of time playing Minecraft, and I don’t do much. With this extra time, I can increase the activity.

I would positively influence others. Since someone of authority is usually more influential, it will be much easier to do this if on the team. If players have a good role model, especially when they’re younger, it helps shape the future of the server, as well as shaping their futures.

I know there’s been staff in the past, and now even, that just sit on one of the servers and rarely touch the other. I like both Plots and Atlas, so this won’t be an issue. I don’t really see staff on Plots, so I’ll make sure it gets some love as well.

6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?
I do not.

7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?
Staff create a positive atmosphere for a server. I am patient, flexible, and easygoing. I’ve never harassed or behaved in a toxic way. My record is also very close to perfect, with only a few warns from many months ago. I make sure everybody feels welcome here, and converse with anyone who’s up for it. You can often find me vibing in the voice chats. I also never get into arguments, I’m pretty chill and just respond with a dumb meme if someone tries to start something with me. All of these qualities make me an excellent candidate.

A staff member represents the server as a whole, and I’m certain I’ll do a great job representing Ruinscraft. I like the server a lot, it has a nice player base, and it’s really grown on me. I would love to be a part of the staff team, and help out more than I already can.

Thank you for reading!​