Rejected twistedspindle Build Application

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Mar 3, 2020
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Central Florida
What is your Minecraft username?
I go by the username of twistedspindle but people call me twisted or twist or some variation of that (but some other people call me spindle or spiny and other things).

Why do you want to be a builder for Ruinscraft?
I've been playing on Ruinscraft for around 5-6 years now (I'm aware that my Ruinscraft account says I joined in 2020, but I can assure you that I joined far earlier than that ), and I've learned a lot since then and I want to help contribute to the server. I feel like I'm good enough at building (hopefully) to help out on the server.

What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?
I'm 18 in EST (GMT: -4:00)

What are your strengths and weaknesses in building in Minecraft?
My two biggest weaknesses would be organic builds and larger builds ( although that is something that I have been working on ). If I get caught up in detailing something large-scale, it might take me longer than others. While I have practiced large-scale terraforming and getting better with that, I could still use some improvement on buildings and such. This is mainly due to my tendency for intricacy, which follows me in all of my builds, where I try and get the exact image in my mind onto the build, whether that be through gradients or small details that tie together a build. Due to these tiny intricacies, making them across something vast takes a lot of time.

However, the way that I get around this is by using mathematics to get the hull of the build done quickly so I have time to make up for in the detailing process. I've used mathematics to generate terrain, create buildings, gradients, etc., in order to save time and not get carried away with intricacies first. My third plot has a hillside generated completely with math, using an equation that took a bit of tinkering to come up with ( it's a bit of a nasty equation: 2.2*y>sin(0.15*((x+1.4)^2-(z-3)^2))+(sin(0.1*((x+1)^2-(z+8)^2)))-(tan(y^31))-(sin(0.1*(x^2+z^2))-cos(0.1*(x^2+z^2)))-(y+2)*sin(-0.2*x)^4 for those who are curious ). But this is a new method of terraforming that I haven't necessarily experimented with. What lets me get terraforming done quickly is by plotting a series of points to get a pseudo-silhouette of what I want the terrain to look like, then I use a polyhedral selection tool to fill it in and get a 3d structure that can be quite large in around 15-30 minutes, something which would take hours to do by hand. Then I can also get gradients and other kinds of detailing done with world edit before I go in and hand-detail it myself.

Another way I use mathematics with building is by using geometry to create unorthodox shapes, similar to how you would use a compass to make a triangle on a sheet of paper, and use those shapes as a base for a potentially unique building. Other times I use modular building, where I get one section done that can stand by itself as a build, then I add another section which adds to the overall build, and so on and so forth until I have something large and detailed. I can build without mathematics though. While it is fun, sometimes it isn't necessarily practical for some situations, and I adapt to that and just build regularly I suppose.

The kind of creativity in Minecraft is very much so a passion of mine, even carrying out into real life where I will be attending college for a degree in Architecture, and I try to carry what I learn from that field into my builds in Minecraft for another level of accuracy and realism. (Modular building is actually one of those concepts, since a lot of buildings have a base product, which is then modified and tweaked to better suit the needs of whoever is using the building. I could go on an entire tangent with different architectural concepts but I wouldn't want to bore anyone reading this.

I feel like that would be a fair summary of my strengths and weaknesses, and I hope it is satisfactory for the requirements of this application. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from whoever is reading this!

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