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Apr 19, 2020
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Guess a lot of people are doing this, so here:
I joined RC around 2018. Specifically, I played on plots. I was around the age of 10 or so. I was a bit of an idiot, as 10 year olds are, but I really enjoyed the server. Made a lot of friends, most of which don't play RC today. RP's were of great importance to me, I guess, and I played them a lot. Typical kid stuff.
Eventually, I kind of fell out of playing RC servers. No idea why, I think I just found other servers. The end of 2019/beginning of 2020 rolls around, and I see this server that I hadn't played in years on my server lists. I hop on, and see there is a new server portal at the hub: MCAtlas. Originally, I was just gonna check it out and pass it off as something I wouldn't play, but I quickly became enamored and enchanted by the uniqueness of the server.
I joined a town named Los Angeles, (I think) when I was still called Ninja491. I remember being given a room in an apartment. I played for a day or two, was given iron gear and basic stuff, but all in all, the mayor wasn't much of an active player and I wasn't enjoying myself much. I left that town, which led me to a good friend of mine: RA4. He was completely different to the other mayor in the other town. He was active, enjoyed himself, and all in all was someone I came to consider a good friend. I quickly joined Vegas and became the Comayor of the town within a few weeks. I have a fond memory of saying something along the lines of "I think I rubbed off on you, you aren't talking in a formal way like you were before!" to which he replied "Nah, I talk like this sometimes". Or something like that.
Continuing on, I grew and matured as my time on RC grew as well. (That was probably poorly worded) When I was around 13, I just went all stupid 13 trolly idiot-like. I dunno what went through my head haha. At some point around that time I submitted a three page essay for a staff application, which is kind of funny. Why the hell did I do that?
I've met countless friends via RC, such as Cow, RA4, Joh, Nighthawk, Prime, Lilroc, and many others I can't think of because I fell asleep at like midnight last night and got no sleep.
RC has been such a huge part of my life, and so have the people. Crazy how it's coming to an end, and I knew it was soon. I kept holding onto this fantasy that RC would keep thriving, haha. Thank you, everyone, for everything you've done.
Enjoy Carl Wheezer


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