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Aug 28, 2016
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I think I joined 2014-2015? Not sure but damn, sad to see it go, 10/10 time playing, will never forget this server and all the friends I made while playing on it. Joining everyday to have some friends really made it great.

still server muted in the discord server lol


Apr 19, 2020
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whats gonna happen to the subreddit and this here website?
Subreddit and discord will be kept indefinitely. The forums will close by the end of 22. Github will stay here for a long time too
Nov 12, 2019
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Jokes aside, when I heard RC was closing, a lot of the memories from this server popped on my head and I just had to say something. I joined RC in 2019 with a group of irl friends when mcatlas had just released and, for some odd reason, decided to stay. I had never been active in any server or really any game before, but the community on mcatlas just hit some buttons for me. I stopped playing early 2020 and, when i came back earlier this year, a lot of the people I'd met almost 2 years prior were still there. To this day, I STILL talk to a couple of people i met on mcatlas through discord and instagram.
It's just insane to me how some people in this thread have known me (and i've known them) since i was only 15, and have literally accompanied entire parts of my personality changing. I joined as a kid who was just trying to get to people's nerves for a quick laugh and get big on the server (my apologies if you were one of those people but it was very funny and i do not regret it.) and now i'm a (mostly) entirely different person, and still somewhat active in this community.
I had more fun on RC than I've ever had on any other online game, and i still remember all of the funny and entertaining moments i had here (mostly, my memory is blurry because of some personal issues from back then)

honestly, I normally wouldn't give half a shit about this kind of stuff, but these news got on my feels way more than expected. goodbye rc. hope you all have a great life.
So true I will miss mcatlas
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Jun 1, 2011
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Charleston, South Carolina
We've gotten numerous questions about uploading the world files so I figured I'll just explain here.

The bottom line is that it just isn't feasible. As mentioned, the world files are absolutely enormous: several hundred gigabytes. To host this amount of data, and with the bandwidth (internet speed) available so that people can download it (without taking weeks), takes money. It's not worthwhile for us to pay to host this data somewhere. Well... what if someone else paid to host the files? This would give someone else sole custody of the files, which does not guarantee that the files are accessible for everyone. It would not be fair to everyone if we allowed someone else to do this.
Again the world files are huge and it's not reasonable to download that much data for personal use. Most people probably don't have that kind of storage available, the bandwidth speeds to download it in a reasonable time, or equipment to take advantage of the world file they got. The only real use would be to create ruinscraft 2.0, which is something we do not want.

We really do sympathize with the desire to preserve your builds and the work you've put into them, which is why we encourage you to use mods to download them if you want to do that; but the whole world is not necessary.
The final answer continues to be no, we won't be providing the world files.

We recommend you use a mod to archive your builds.