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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by TheBigDude, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. TheBigDude

    TheBigDude Member

    Nov 3, 2016
    1 What is your Minecraft username?

    Currently my Minecraft username is outreached, but you may know me as TheBigDude5 or something similar. I am not super OG and would not expect people to know me anyways only a slight amount of people.

    2 What is your age and time zone (GMT format preferred)?

    My current age is 14 and I have matured a lot since my last staff applications'. and my Time zone is (CST)

    3 How long have you played here on Ruinscraft?

    Not exactly sure on the exact time but I first started around 2014 - 2015 sometime around there, I have stopped playing Minecraft for a while, but recently started playing Minecraft again and would love to be staff here because this server is amazing!

    4 In what ways have you helped people on the server?

    I have helped people in distinctive ways, when people ask in chat, I would always guide them in every possible way now I have not played here for a while but back then I would always try my hardest to help everybody with their issues. Since I just started playing Minecraft again, I am seeing my self-playing more of ruinscraft, I feel the joy of the old days of helping people. I have seen people get griefed and they don’t know what to do I try to help them to the best of my ability.

    5 In what ways would you improve the server?

    I would keep the chat active and not have thousands of announcements, so when you look in chat and see lots of people talking instead of seeing lots of announcements. I would love to see big improvements of this server as I feel some of the things in this server is not as clean as it should be overall. I would also add a heap of small fun things to do that are additive for people so they stay and not just log after 5 minutes of playing, this would defiantly keep people playing on ruinscraft. I would Basically, add other things that you cannot do on any other server and make ruinscraft really unique. I would love to see main come back to the network, a lot of people loved main. Now for the things regarding main, things from what it was basically p2w you pay to get gamemode etc, it was very overpowering. If you were to add main back, I’d recommend removing p2w and overall make it more fun for everyone to play.

    6 Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?

    I have been staff on very low pop servers that barely have active people, I have also owned a few servers in the past which I do still have an open forum site, not active of course. I have a pretty hefty experience with xenforo, bungeecord and spigot.

    7 Why should we choose you over anyone else?

    I have experience with players and what they really want, without expressing it. And I truly believe I would be the perfect fit for this server because I have plenty of patients and a huge knowledge base. I truly have matured over the past few years of not being able to do anything to being capable to code cleanly and to know what evidence means, when I made my ban appeal I tried pretty hard at that time, when I got rejected I felt slayed by the entire server and they said I needed more evidence which I had knew what it meant but I thought it was a different word so I was totally confused. I do know when to warn, kick, mute and ban people as for say, someone in chat was inappropriate I would give them a warning. If someone was advertising, ban. If they were spamming and I gave them a warning and they still spammed, I would mute them for 1 hour. Theses are the punishments I would personally give; this would change as due to ruinscrafts’ rules. I generally think this community is marvelous! I can be pretty active most days.​
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  2. PVP_Builder


    Nov 24, 2018
    Nice application, dude! I would suggest adding a bit more detail to 5, 7 and maybe 4. This isn't mandatory but I feel like it would help if the questions and numbers were in bold. Good luck!
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  3. robmilkshake

    robmilkshake New Member

    Jun 3, 2019
    Hey dude!
    This is a nice application, but can you do me a few favors?
    • Make the text a bit smaller, except the questions. That way, it doesnt take up space.
    • Perhaps add more detail to questions 4, 5, and 7. Like __north said, it's how we know why you want to be in staff. You wrote a lot, but you can write a few more please?
    Those are just the things you might want to do. Best of luck in the future!
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  4. SypxnYT

    SypxnYT New Member

    Aug 17, 2019
    Hey nice application I advise adding detail to 5, 7 and 4 but apart from that nice application :)
  5. mooncraft

    mooncraft Member

    Feb 7, 2016
    Seems good! Maybe more information for 5 and 4 but great!
    Good luck ;)
  6. Zan3y

    Retired Staff

    Mar 23, 2018
    Nice Application!! :)

    The majority of the changes I would recommend are in formatting and overall readability. That's it for the most part, but there are some others things I noticed throughout reading as well. Here's a list of things I would recommend changing :

    (1) In question 3, the sentence runs on a little too long. It's great that you are expressing your feelings of playing on the server again, but try adding a period somewhere so it's easier to read and understand.

    (2) Both question 5 and question 7 are a bit hard to read because it seems like a text wall and it's hard to remain intrigued. Try splitting up the paragraph's so it's easier on the eyes. For example a good spot to make a split would be in question 5 right before when you start talking about main.

    (3) Question 7 seems like it has a lot of filler, along with a few long sentences in the middle. Try to add some more specific details and split up the sentences. If one sentence has too many thoughts or ideas it gets jumbled and confusing for the reader.

    (4) In question 5 you mention things such as adding fun things to do so people will play. This is great and it's wonderful that you would try to keep players, but can you explain some of the fun things maybe? It would help us visualize your ideas for the server :).

    I really love that we get to see your thoughts and emotions in the application. I feel your love for the server through your application, and I think you would make a good addition to the staff team.

    Your application is important, but what you're doing for the network is the biggest element. Stay active on the network, get your name out there, and make sure to always help people!

    I wish you the best of luck!
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  7. Malyesa


    Sep 17, 2019
    Hey, nice application! I would recommend writing more (see other replies) and fixing up the grammar. This is pretty good already though, just make sure to know all the commands, etc.
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