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  1. xMoon_ii

    xMoon_ii New Member

    Jun 24, 2020
    1) What is your Minecraft username?
    My minecraft username is xMoon_ii.​
    2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format prefered)?
    I am currently 15 years old and my time zone is the UK / BST.​
    3) How long have you played on our servers?
    I've been playing for quite a while now. I would say around 3 years but it could be a little shorter/longer because I don't know the exact date.​
    4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?
    Around the server, I've been helping out in global when people are wondering how to get a plot, how to tpa to someone, how to create events and mainly how to use world edit (w/e). I have tried my best helping people on mcatlas because it's a bit more confusing with all the towns, gold as currency, nations and much more. I like to help out with trading and I like to see if anyone is in need of any materials, food or just supplies in general. Sometimes if I've made some friends that are new to Ruinscraft, they /msg me a question and I try my best to respond to them as quick as I can if i'm not afk.​
    5) In what ways would you improve the server?
    There are multiple things that I think would be a good addition to the server. I think that each of these would make more people want to join the Ruinscraft community too.
    /Sit & /lay
    I would personally like to add /sit and /lay because I feel like they would be a good feature. Instead of only being able to sit on slabs, carpet and stairs I think that if you do /sit you should be able to sit on any block and /lay could be really good for any roleplays going around if they come back at one point seen as they aren't that popular at the moment. /lay could also be good for when it's night in a roleplay and everyone's asleep. Instead of sitting on a slab or stairs and having some wool around the slabs and stairs, you could just lay ontop of the bed which makes it much easier.​
    I feel like when people do the command /maps and the maps come up, there aren't that many of them there to choose from. I'm friends with someone that wanted a blank white map before and they said there weren't any in /maps which I thought was a bit annoying really. I think there should be more maps there and different coloured ones.​
    Whenever plots or mcatlas go down, there's not much to do in hub other than waiting for them to go back up or the parkour. So, I feel like there should be more things to do. For example, maybe a parkour area but instead of in one area, maybe put it around the whole hub or half of the hub. Another part to this is maybe adding a command to teleport to it. For example: /hub parkour. If people end up finishing the parkour then they could get a /powder for completing it that you can only get from doing the full thing. But you can't fly up to it if you have the vip.​
    I feel like there's lots of people with loads and loads of plots. I know two people with over 100 plots and I think it's kind of stupid to be honest. I feel like there should be a limit when buying more plots. Whenever I'm trying to find a friend, I go to their plot and I get so confused on which plot they are actually in because they have so many. I personally only have one because I don't build a lot. The only time I build is when im on mcatlas or helping out a friend on their plot.​
    When staff are online i'd say to add the command /report [username] [reason] and it will send a notification to any online staff saying what the person is doing wrong in a way. Also when adding this even if the report was done on plots, it will get sent to any staff on mcatlas too just so they understand what's going on in plots just in-case. I feel like this is a great feature for people that want to help out that aren't staff but feel like they could do a bit of help around the server. If the player has been /report'ed more than once around the same time for the same reason, it will show up as for example: '[Username] has been reported for [reason] [time/date] x2'. Lastly, to view this you could do /view reports but only helpers, mods and so on can view it.​
    6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?
    I do not have any previous experience as staff on any other minecraft server. But I have been staff in other games and eventually retired because I dont play the game anymore.​
    7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?
    Personally, I would say to choose me because I am online quite a lot. Whenever I'm online, because of my timezone, I never see any other staff online unless they are in /vanish. Or they are in Mcatlas when needed in plots and aren't responding to /msg. I personally like plots better so i'll be on there more than mcatlas too. I would say I'm a reliable and responsible person and I'm also very cheerful and happy lots of the time. I try my best to go to new people's plots and help them out too when needed! I personally like to stick to my favourite minecraft server too because I don't really like to keep switching back and forth as I get confused easily.

    Thank you for reading this, I am sorry if I spelt any words incorrectly or some of it doesn't make much sense. -xMoon_ii
  2. 1K2C3M


    Mar 14, 2018
    Hello xMoon_ii,

    Upon reviewing your application we've decided to reject it. Regardless, we appreciate the time you took to make your application and I hope you have a wonderful day! You may reapply in 2 weeks.
  3. Ieclen

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    Apr 1, 2020
    1. Cut down on the ideas in number 5., focus on how you would crack down on toxicity, take loads off of current staff etc.
    I see this in many applications, including many of my old ones, you need to focus less on ideas in 5, find ways to assist the server with not just ideas you have to make it more fun, how you would help as staff.
    2. Don't reuse old ideas from other people
    Both /sit and /lay have been used hundreds of times, which makes your application seem very unoriginal.
    3. Hub has KOTL, and Parkour.
    Hub already has a good amount of stuff in it.
    4. Why would they restrict the amount of plots you can buy?
    This honestly doesn't make much sense to me, I know you probably have good intentions with this, but Ruinscraft shouldn't restrict that, as it's a common right to people who do buy it.
    5. A few more specific examples of being staff pl0x?
    In 6) you say that you have been staff in other games, what games? Are they similar to minecraft? Would they give you the same responsibilities? You gotta be more specific!!!
    6. Put personality traits that are positive in 7)
    My good friend @WizardBard once told me to convey what you do into personality traits for your app. In my opinion, if you don't play both servers you need to have a much stronger 7th paragraph. If you were active in both servers, I'd say this would be okay. From what I've learned, people who only play the less important server, (plots) usually are not accepted.

    This is pretty much all the advice that I have to give you, good luck to all of your endeavors in the future! ^^
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