Rejected Staf Application

Feb 20, 2020
United States
1) What is your Minecraft username?

My username is Boo_Mac.

2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?

I am 16 years old, and my timezone is EST ( GMT-5 )

3) How long have you played here on Ruinscraft?

I've been playing MCAtlas for about a year and 4 months, I started in early August (Got inactive for a little bit in between start of October to early January) I have been playing a decent amount in plots but I will mainly play on Atlas. Took a long break during 2020 but im back now, also a long break in 2021 after I got banned for duping and ban evasion.

4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?

I help people in chat with commands and other easy things. While most people do that I also try to go out of my way and coach the newer people how to make towns and help them make one. I give newer players and regular players materials I do not usually need for free, other times I try to go out of my way to lower prices for newer people and people I know don't have enough money. Also I try to get people to stop spamming in plots or mcatlas, doesn't always work but it is hard to talk spammers down sometimes. Overall I would talk to people and try to find middle ground between to arguing parties, I would do this by either explaining the both sides point and getting them to calm down. Also I am very active on discord as I have it on my phone and check it regularly so I would help greatly with moderating the chats. Ive also

5) In what ways would you improve the server?

  1. My idea is that merging would be limited to irl continents and only nations within those borders of the specific continent would be able to merge together. This would eliminate the problems of merge abuse with say the US (Canada) being in Europe and Asia. Or have it so you can only merge within 6k blocks of the capital just like the invite radius.
  2. Add an auction command to make trade easier and so people spam selling/buying offers in the chat less.
  3. This would be a hard one (not clue if its possible either) but on the dynmap add an option to see borders of in game nations. So it would be like cities in a dark color then a lighter color for the land they could easily claim, if they had infinite claims. This would be cool to see the land spread of nations and just what nations are on the server.
  4. Bring back /dab because it was pretty epic and people seemed sad that it was taken off. (idc add it)
  5. Make the weather change kind of like in seasons, places at the equator don't get snow while places away get snow. (this has been recommended by others but I wanted to say it as well)
  6. Instead of my other idea of having borders of in-game nations, let them pick a certain color and have a function on the map that shows the different colors of each nation. (Saw this in discord but thought it was a good idea so said it here.)
  7. There needs to be more discord moderation I have seen people having full conversations in the reports tab or implement a ticket system to lessen conversation
  8. This goes off of my idea for a ticket system or bot for reports, have a bot or ticket system for suggestions. I have seen another discord server use it and you use a command and say your suggestion and it appears in another channel. It neatly shows all suggestions and gives player the choice to up-vote it or down-vote it so you can see what the player base wants. If someone decides to spam the bot then you can just mute them and delete the messages.
  9. I know admins have full time jobs but staff in a whole should organize events say every month or two just too keep people engaged and keep stuff somewhat exciting.

6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?

I do not have any other experiences being staff (but I'm a quick learner), I did moderate a discord for my old nation (about 60 people) I mainly defuse situations or got my fellow nation members to stop arguing. I am good at getting people to stop arguing by defusing the situation by explaining what they are arguing about isn't that important and getting them to calm down.

7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?

Reasons I could be chosen over others because I am very level headed, kind, and good at talking people down. Also while I haven't been a staff in any other servers or really many discord servers either I used to be a member of the council in the LoN. While now, they have chosen new councilors (now its just gone) but my experience helping people with their problems, and representing them would help the staff team. While quite obviously I have gotten into a large amount of drama I took a step back and am not gonna get as involved in the politics side. With my stepping back and quitting for about a month I am less biased and more calm. Also, I get on at very erratic time throughout the day and there is almost never staff on. If I was staff I could help the player base by warning/muting the spammers, or people doing other stuff against the rules. And while I have been really inactive for the past month Ive been getting back into Atlas and the community and am completely clean of all wrong doings. All in all, I think I would be a good fit for staff and hope you incorporate me into your team.

P.S. : While I know staff will have a hard time trusting me seeing as my previous pinfo and reputation, I have had the entire year/like 8 months to distance myself from those actions. I am and will follow all the rules and be the best staff I can be. I hope you guys can look at what I did in the past as a positive instead of a negative, I know what it looks like to hack and I know a numerous methods to do so.