Someone moved my town spawn, I think my beacons are gone, and my Mosque has been griefed

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Aug 21, 2017
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So below I’ve attached some images of my town, and while I’ve taken this previous week off do deal with a hard breakup with my gf as well as mentally abusive parents, I’ve been checking in on my town using the dynamap.

**Sidenote, I got to #1 town for a bit, and peaked at 50 members, so that is my highest achievement, so that’s cool**

So here’s the report: The town spawn changed from the granite block I’ve had set for a long time. Last time this happened when one of the Admins set it there when fixing some grief. I’ve also noticed that some blocks are missing near my Harpy of Meereen statue. I haven’t been in game so I can only see the dynmap, and if it’s not a problem, I’ll most likely delete this report. HOWEVER, my mosque has been 100 percent griefed. Don’t just reset the affected chunks, reset the whole mosque to when it was not griefed, as I can only see the outside in the dynmap. Lastly, I want the names of the griefers, I plan to punish them according to Dutch Law. The town is Dutch_Empire btw Thank you for your help, ArbiterV


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