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  1. makeemleave


    Jul 21, 2015
    Hey everyone!

    Recently the staff team has noticed a significant drop in the popularity of our Skyblock server. While we understand that Creative is a big focus of the network and that the recent release of KitPvP has attracted some attention, we always want to improve the less popular features of Ruinscraft as well! In this thread I'd like to hear from all of you about your opinions of the Skyblock server. We are looking for ideas on what to add and remove from Skyblock so now is the best time to tell us what you would like to see here, and what you would like to see removed. Please reply to this thread with detailed answers to the following questions...

    1.) What do you enjoy about the Skyblock server? Which features interest you?
    In this question we'd really like to hear about what you think we are already doing well. Which features of Ruinscraft Skyblock do you enjoy and would like to see enhanced?​

    2.) What do you not like about the Skyblock server?
    Are there any particular features of our server that you do not enjoy? What would you like to see changed or removed so that the server is more enjoyable for you?​

    3.) What features do you think should be added to the Skyblock server?
    One of the key factors in creating a successful server is having unique content that sets you apart from every other network. We understand that we do not have the most unique features on our Skyblock server, but we would be more than happy to add them (given solid reasoning and support)! Tell us what you would like to see in as much detail as possible and how this would benefit game-play​

    We appreciate your contribution in improving Ruinscraft for everyone. We would really love to make this server enjoyable for anyone who enjoys a Skyblock game-type so please offer your ideas so that this server can be specifically tailored to your specifications! Thanks for all the help and support!
  2. JetTG

    Retired Staff

    May 22, 2016
    1.) What do you enjoy about the Skyblock server? Which features interest you?

    I personally enjoy the addition of mcmmo to help aid the player while they do the normal skyblock things. It makes things easier to do, like chopping trees down with Tree Feller, which is really useful for skyblock. Also, the simplistic way to make money and upgrade your island. You can't go straight to getting thousands at the very start, that would be way too overpowered. It's like skyblock sets its own selling process: cobble/wood, pumpkins/cactus and then cocoa is where the money is at. Of course players realise that that takes effort and is quite time consuming and I feel that is why skyblock isn't as popular as intended.

    2.) What do you not like about the Skyblock server?

    In contrast to the positive side of mcmmo, it does have its drawbacks. For example, I personally love fishing on skyblock as I am at mcmmo level 1000 and have maxed it out really, however, as the mcmmo fishing system overrides the vanilla system, it makes some items unobtainable. I feel there should be a command to toggle mcmmo in general for the player, so that we don't have to deal with occasionally irritating things like trying to place a mushroom and getting shroom thumb fail or the inability to get regular vanilla items when fishing.
    Another thing that I think has worn out now are the challenges. Sure, they challenge even the most elite of us at times (only a handful of people have reached island level 1000) but the rewards of small amounts of money are quite poor. $1000 can be made relatively easily, and that's just for getting island level 1000. The basic challenges give amounts like $5 or $15, which can be made very easily by selling the simplest of blocks like cobblestone or log.

    3.) What features do you think should be added to the Skyblock server?

    The ability to custom enchant items, which could possibly take xp as well as money. This idea could make it possible to enchant fishing rods with mending, or other items with mending. Mending rods, as most skyblock players know, are extremely rare as they could only be obtained before mcmmo was added due to the fishing issue I stated above. With a /warp enchants or something similar, players could enchant items for money and experience costs. Efficiency 1 might cost something like $20 as it's a very common enchantment and 2 xp levels, while something like Infinity might cost $300 (just an example, I don't know what Infinity would cost) and probably 15 experience. Other enchants not available in vanilla minecraft would not be available here. This system could reduce the need for an enchantment table, but on the other hand be most costly as it takes more experience than usual to enchant. And as there is no challenge for an enchantment table, they could be considered a secondary option to the warp enchants.

    Another possible addition that I know has been suggested multiple times before is elytra. Now, it wouldn't be obtainable in the shop, but there could be a challenge that requires multiple challenging things such as diamond blocks, to get it.

    As an avid skyblock player I would love to see a growth of players on there and have a proper community, instead of a few players coming on to see if anyone else is on, then leaving.
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  3. Lisakisa_


    Oct 21, 2016
    1. I Really Liked The Skyblock Server And Preferred It From The Others The Spawn Is Beautiful Shops Are Well Done I Think The Prices Are Pretty Good And I Like That You Can Combine Islands With Your Friends
    2. I Would Like It If Shop Had More Things Tho Thats Pretty Much It! xD
    3. Personnaly I Would Like More Events I Find It Kinda Boring Always Collecting Cocoa Beans And Selling Them Other Than That I Would Like More Variety In The Shops Thats Bassicly It Sorry If It Wasent Very Usefull But It Was Pretty Good Already
  4. IHasFanta

    IHasFanta New Member

    Nov 27, 2016
    1.What I like about the skyblock server is that you start from scratch with a few items to help.I Also like that there is a shop in which you can buy stuff from.
    2.What I Do not like about skyblock is that u have to make ur own space,to me the islands are a bit small but its how every server is so its fine.I also do not like the way you get money to buy things.Its a bit difficult.
    3.I Think Skyblock should add parkour and add more ways to get money to get things from shop.Last thing I think skyblock should have more things to do.Like events or something.
    Thank You For Reading
  5. bewmy

    bewmy Member

    Nov 26, 2015
    1. me like beating people on baltop untilllllllllllll i stopped trying

    2. buying stuff cost a lot from shop and makes it useless except for selling

    3. lowers prices, pvp box that u said would be added
  6. __south

    __south Frequent Member

    May 31, 2015
    1. Competitive economy was nice, it's a great change to see people actually having a chance to keep up with the 1%
    2. Shop. Prices are inconsistent, and items are priced on the expensive side. Not many means of making money and after the reset, it's difficult to get started.
    3. I don't play it much, but people would like to see shop prices fixed and consistent. Also, some sort of PvP and trading aspect would be nice.
  7. OneBigSnowball

    Jan 3, 2017
    1.) What do you enjoy about the Skyblock server? Which features interest you?
    I like that it's clear and straight to the point. It's not too easy as well. It feels like you know what's going on and what you must do.
    I also like the use of mcmmo it's a great plugin, and it works fine.

    2.) What do you not like about the Skyblock server?

    The shop is kind of expensive and like Jet said: The money rewards on challenges are really low.

    3.) What features do you think should be added to the Skyblock server?
    Yeah... I Always wanted this on ruinscraft: More items to sell in the shop! Alot of people are struggling to find a way to make money.
    Maybe they know a good way, but it's not saleable in the shop. This forces them to use 1 or 2 methods of making money.
    I really think mobloot should be saleable.
  8. _Kaasblokje_


    Mar 15, 2017
    I personally think that this server is a diamond in the rough, it has amazing potential and didn’t go so far that it ruins the Skyblock experience, but of course there are some things that could be improved in this server,

    I asked multiple people what they think of the Skyblock server and what the weak points of the server are, almost everyone said that it’s the shop and that the prices are too high, I personally agree with that even though almost all shop prices have been drastically lowered about a week ago. Some blocks ware forgotten though, bone blocks for example, they cost a whopping $600! While it only costs 9 bone meal to make them! For the rest, almost all prices are good, the only other price issues I have right now is that purpur blocks cost $30, I think they should be lowered to around $20 and that quartz should also be lowered slightly.

    Even though most prices have been lowered, almost no one knows about it, the best way to bring people back to Skyblock again is by broadcasting in creative that a massive update came to Skyblock.

    Beside some minor shop price issues, there are much larger problems:

    Everything is about first looks, people almost always decide on that if they will give something a try or not, right now you will see some small signs, a cobble and a wood trade, that isn’t attractive, the building is very well made but most people will instantly go away after they see there are only 2 trades, to be honest I was one of those people who instantly left. Even players who stay for quite a few days quite often don’t know that there are multiple warps. It would be much better if all the shops ware at one place, for example a building with multiple floors and every floor has its own subject, floor one can be stones, floor two can be logs, floor 3 can be misc. etc. this would require a complete spawn redesign however. A temporary fix would be to create bridges between the islands until there is a new spawn.

    Another first look issue is that most people don’t know that there are challenges, that you can change biomes, warp to other islands, etc. people who come from server to server looking for a good skyblock love this “/is cp” plugin, but in my years of skyblock I’ve never seen a server that uses the island control screen command as “/is cp”, it’s always just /is or /is home because that just makes a lot more sense than “/is cp”. Why else would “/is cp” have a ‘warp to your own island’ button, it has that for a reason because the command is meant to be “/is” or “/is home”, that’s why “/is cp” should become “/is” and that the current “/is” becomes “/is home” to instantly warp to your island.

    Another big issue is warp killing, so far I haven’t seen anyone do it, which is a very good thing, but you can easily trap your warp sign and steal someone’s loot after someone falls in the trap, another way to kill someone right now is to simply break a block below them and watch them fall into the void or onto a platform below. For these things, there is a plugin that prevents people from breaking or changing blocks (as in opening trapdoors for example) under another player. I have no idea what the plugin is called. But it will render most of all playertraps useless. I hope you can find it!

    Okay, now we’ve discussed the main issues I’ll talk about lesser but still very important issues.

    1. Almost all players think that there aren’t enough things you can sell in the shop, there are a few but by far way too little amounts. So here are my suggestions:

    -Be able to sell Slime Balls for 3-5 cash each

    -Be able to sell Gunpowder for 1-2 cash each

    -Be able to sell Saplings for 1.5-3 cash each

    -Be able to sell Feathers for 1.5 cash each

    -Be able to sell Sugar Canes for 1 cash each

    -Be able to sell 64 snow for 3-5 cash. ( I kind of dislike this one even though it’s actually decent. Maybe it’s just me…)

    And as last, be able to sell Music Discs for 30-50 cash each

    Okay, now we’ve discussed that, we can talk about possible new blocks or items that could be added to the shop. For this we would need to look for blocks and items that don’t give people advantages or massive boosts as in completing challenges with ease. So here are my ideas:

    (for in the future Minecraft 1.12 update:)

    -Terra Cotta Blocks

    -Concrete (powder)

    for current Minecraft version:

    -stained clay

    -stained glass (yes, I know you can easily get these from regular clay, but this could be a bit more expensive because the player will skip some crafting stages. The same goes for stained glass.)

    -Mob Heads? (No wither skeleton heads of course)

    -Shulker boxes? (not sure if we should sell these, we could of course add these as challenge rewards instead.)


    -Flower Pots

    -Banner Bases

    -Stone brick types (broken and mossy)

    -Magma Blocks

    -Prismarine blocks and shards (right now the shop only sells prismarine crystals, which are completely useless without prismarine shards. The only recipe prismarine crystals are used in is in the sea lantern recipe, and that one also requires prismarine shards. Therefore, the shop also needs shards or only blocks or both with a slight discount on shards and crystals if you buy those instead of the blocks themselves)

    -(Red) Nether Bricks (right now the shop only sells Nether rack as the only Nether-type block, so why not add Nether Bricks and Red Nether Bricks?)

    -Soul Sand

    -Nether Wart (soulsand and netherwart could also be rewards from a challenge)

    -Empty Buckets (Lava Buckets cost $40 right now, so why not sell empty buckets for a bit less?)

    -All other dyes (the shop sells only the basic dyes, and not the combo-dyes, it might be kind of silly to add them, but why not? Just make them slightly more expensive compared to buying the normal dyes and combining those)

    -Ghast tear (this could also be an amazing elite challenge, but I’ll talk about this one later)



    -Horse armor? (maybe only iron version)

    Spawn eggs to add to shop:

    -Rabbit Spawn Egg

    -Horse Spawn Egg (seriously. A LOT of people want horses on skyblock)

    -Llama Spawn Egg

    -Wolf Spawn Egg

    Now the main attraction:

    -NETHER STAR (A reasonable price would be $100K, buying a Nether Star could instantly be an Elite challenge as well)

    I heard from StupidDrew9 that he wants to add extra challenges to the Skyblock server. And I agree with that, challenges are by far the main thing that keeps people play. So here are all the challenge ideas I can think of right now (warning: some of these are jokes... even though some would be kind of nice to add):

    Experienced Fisherman:

    Catch 10 Pufferfish

    Expert fisherman:

    Catch 10 clownfish


    Catch one ghast tear (dont add this quest if you decide to add ghast tears to the shop, if you decide not to sell them, this would be an ELITE challenge because it is virtually impossible to get them before fishing level 250)

    Pearl Grinder:

    Collect 64 Ender Pearls (advanced (I have the feeling it should be higher than advanced but lower than ELITE... Maybe a new challenge tier?))


    Have 1 redstoneblock, 1 lapisblock, 1 ironblock, 1 goldblock, 1 emerald block and 1 diamondblock

    Ink Collector

    Get 64 Ink sacs (advanced challenge)


    Make 2304 cookies

    Flower Power

    Get 5 flowers of x types (no clue which ones yet)


    Get a map, a compass and a clock (expert challenge)

    Pet Lover

    Get a dog, a cat and a horse

    Ultimate Power

    Buy a Netherstar (ELITE challenge, also gives the netherstar back after completion)

    Such a waste:

    Stand Nearby 10 anvils (no idea what rank. This is a joke challenge btw.)


    Stand nearby an enchanting table with 15 bookcases

    Revival Preparations

    Get a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness

    What are you doing?!

    Craft 10 pieces of tnt and one flint and steel

    Potion Brewer

    Make x potions of x (no clue what kind of potions yet. This challenge could reward soul sand and nether wart though)

    Want Water?

    Get 30 buckets of water

    Forever Alone

    Name a Pufferfish “Bob”


    Be nearby 10 creepers

    Got an eye for you (advanced challenge)

    Collect 32 Spider eyes


    Get 5 gold and 5 iron ingots


    Get a Charged Creeper (ELITE challenge)

    Armor at last!

    Get a full-leather armor set

    Getting tougher!

    Get a full-iron amor set


    Get a full-diamond armor set


    Get 64 pig meat, 64 raw beef, 64 raw lamb chop and 64 raw chicken breasts

    Extra biomes that should be added to /is biomes:

    Normal forest, taiga, ocean and/or river biomes (taiga and normal forest biomes are the most important)

    Challenge Changes:

    -Cookie Maker challenge also gives a bucket back after completion

    -Gem Collector should also give something else as a reward instead of just cash

    -I kind of dislike and like this one at the same time, but i think a dragon egg would be a good ELITE challenge reward, (perfect for showing off :D)

    - Same with this, but I also think and don’t think that adding an Elytra as a challenge reward would be quite decent.

    Talking about other things:

    Pvp! People love Pvp, even though it’s not a Skyblock related thing, it would be amazing to have, this could be in form of a mini arena at spawn for example.

    Challenge cash rewards are very low, some of them really need a boost!

    Every once in a while, there should be a Skyblock competition or event, just like the one this server had before. It attracted a lot of people and it was very fun!

    Maybe add a trading warp? (even though it’s not really that needed…)

    Parkour? I mean it’s silly to add, people enjoy it a lot so why not?

    If you fall down the /warp X islands or the spawn island, you get teleported back up so you wont lose any items.

    Quickwarp NPCs, place some of them on spawn!

    Okay, that was everything I had to say about this. It took me a long time to write and especially think about all of this, but I enjoy this server and I really hope this will help a lot!
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  9. OneBigSnowball

    Jan 3, 2017
    Wow .-.
  10. WizardZac

    Retired Staff

    Dec 10, 2016
    Thanks so much _Kaasblokje_, these suggestions are really helpful and awesome! It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this, and we really appreciate your feedback.
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  11. XigolIsGood

    XigolIsGood Frequent Member

    May 21, 2015
    As Kaas said, I think there should be other ways to make money. The economy at the minute is just coco beans and that can get repetitive. Pumpkins and melons are also options but not nearly as viable. I think that you should have something like daily challenges, which are randomized from a big list which you can complete every day to get money. Adding mob drops to the shop could also be a cool way to get money but at very low prices as they can be farmed very easily as Kaas has proven... Anyway I like the pricing of everything at the minute if the economy was slightly inflated. The prices of dirt, cobblestone and stone can be very off putting for new players, they see $100 for some smooth stone and they look around the shop and see the ways to make money are scarce, it might throw them off playing. A neat idea could be to make the prices inflate as your island level get higher, say your only is level 1, Smooth stone could be possibly 1 for $1 prices but as your is level gets higher it gets more expensive like the prices it is now if your maybe level 300. The only problem i see with this is people can bring in alt accounts and get stuff really cheap. If you find a way to ip block it, people could still use vpns but... y'know forget it that was a bad, not well thought out idea, but i still think something like that would be cool.
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  12. Ninjashark42

    Ninjashark42 Member

    Jul 8, 2016
    Ok, the original skyblock was allright. Kinda bland but it worked. Whatever you've just done has broken the server and made it much more tedious.
    1) Why is the grabbing range tiny? You have to stand on items to collect them, I can't even get items if they are in the corner of a block I'm standing on! Wouldn't it make sense to increase the grabbing distance? This would reduce lag and make the game better!
    2) Why is dirt $5 a piece... wot
    3) Why have all the previous islands been deleted?
    4) The shopping system is wierd, you have to go to specific warps instead of just one big shop warp like litteraly every other server..
    5) It took me 5 minutes to find out the /is go command
    6) My cow has a habit of falling off the edge... and then magically re-appearing... wot
    7) Theres not much to do, like theres the challenges but thats it. There should be ways to expand faster and maybe tackle bigger challenges. There are no challenges that are really challenging, if you know what I mean.

    I'll continue to play and note any more critiscisms as I continue

    8) Occasionaly shift-clicking items into inventories (Most notably chests) makes them dissapear.
    10) You know point #1? This makes cobblestone generaters USELESS since I can't pick up the items! (They get burnt instantly).
    11) Adding ores to cobblestone generators was a nice idea, thanks for that
    12) Using a cobble gen I only got 54 cobble from a stone pickaxe with 131 hp.. FIX #1!
    13) Oh you added back animal spawning... Thats nice. Why do we still have animal eggs at the shops tho?
    14) *SUPER BREAKER* doesn't even give you enough time to break 3 blocks the first time you use it..
    15) Oh, I forgot to light up my platform. Let me do that, theres no mobs! SUDDEN INVISABLE CREEPER. THERE GOES MY BUCKET, SEEDS, CARROTS, OVER A STACK OF DIRT AND MY ARMOUR. Time to wait however long it'll take for the only sapling I planted to grow...
    16) I nearly died from fall damage. ACROBATICS SKILL RAISED BY 1
    17) It seems like #15 (Invisable creeper) can happen to any mob, my sheep has turned invisable aswell.
    (Luckily it seems to be temporary, with farm animals you can fix this by holding their respective feeding itme)
    18) **TREE FELLER ACTIVATED** **That tree is to large!** **TREE FELLER HAS WORN OFF** ...well thats helpful (The tree was just a bunch of regular oak trees next to each other)
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  13. _Kaasblokje_


    Mar 15, 2017
    # The multiple points you've made about the grabbing range is for anti-duplication. you have to move to pickup an item. (Sorry but this is all we can do until the server is completely 1.12.2 only)
    # 2 The dirt price is normal and it's balanced.
    #4 Yes it is kindoff weird that the shops arent on one place, but it isnt really an issue.
    #7 There are multiple challenge tiers. if you pay attention you would've noticed.
    #9 Litterally every skyblock server has (minimally) 1 bedrock block in their islands.
    #12 Thats how skyblock on every server has that. It isn't even a server problem. It's regular minecraft.
    #13 The spawn eggs are for changing one spawner mob type into another.
    #14 That's Mcmmo, under level 50 your Superbreaker only lasts 1 second, every 50 levels it lasts 1 second longer.
    #15,17 Superbreaker and some other skills cause mobs to go invisible, the server cannot help this, it's an issue with the mcmmo plugin.
    #16 That's how acrobatics work. The more blocks you fall without dying the more Acrobatics exp you gain.
    #18 Seriusly learn more about mcmmo before you complain about it. When multiple trees touch eachother Mcmmo will think it's 1 large tree. Treefeller can only cut down trees when they are less than 500(?) blocks total (leaves and vines included)
  14. Ninjashark42

    Ninjashark42 Member

    Jul 8, 2016
    #1 I'm not complaining about mcmmo, I was just pointing out wierd things.
    #2 I'm fairly certain that the oak trees I tried to cut down were less than even 50 blocks..
    #3 If theres an issue with the plugin, either edit the code yourselves or inform the plugin developers.
    #4 Its not regular minecraft, its because the "anti-duplication" thing stops me from grabbing cobblestone like normal. From a typical server I would get atleast 2 stacks.
    #5 If you're going to ask the public about whats wrong, don't say that we're complaining. It comes across as rude and makes people feel attacked.
    #6 How was I supposed to know about mcMMO if its not mentioned anywhere on the server..
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  15. Ninjashark42

    Ninjashark42 Member

    Jul 8, 2016
    (deleted post)
  16. XigolIsGod

    XigolIsGod Frequent Member

    Dec 2, 2015
    because im the trasshmaaan
    i run out and throw trash all ova da server
    i start eatin' gaaarbhihge
  17. Captain_Wheatley

    Captain_Wheatley New Member

    Feb 24, 2020
    3 years later this thread is still open
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