MCATLAS Reset level 40 and below and reset nether

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May 23, 2015
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British Columbia, Canada
1. not all buildings are above level 40.
2. resetting every loaded chunk below a certain level is insane and would take royal/duke's toasters like 10 years to render
3. find a place to mine gold its literally easy af
4. nether isnt scary
5. do not question paleles
Aug 21, 2017
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Resetting shit will not go how you think it will.

See, the rich people (Frennchie, paleles, Tajeks, GH5T, Auchimonde, Legends_Nvr_die, and everyone else with above 10kg), will just strip mine 10x faster than any poor kid with a basic diamond pick. We have Netherrite God Picks with Haste 2 pots. All that will happen is that the rich get richer, and what little we have will become more worthless.

for example, I have 8 stacks of quartz blocks, valued at a total of 800 gold. I’ve selfishly held onto it, and when the nether was updated to 1.16, I was fucked. It’s now worth 512 gold and it’s been severely reduced as the result. I’ve lost a god set of armor, tools, and elytra trying to get it and back in March 2021.

You have better luck economically speaking if things never get reset. We permanently loose gold when we use /t claim, when we loose gold, or when people just hog it for eternity. Eventually in a year or two, If McAtlas doesn’t die because of failing playercounts, it will because of the rapid increase of the scarcity of gold. It will eventually fucking implode as new towns eventually can’t find gold to mine, and everyone will be reliant on the 45G daily vote gold, and it will be basically turned into a fucking welfare check for people who can’t find gold

I’m making a post on the economics of McAtlas in a bit on another thread so, check that if you wish to see me elaborate


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