Resolved Reporting stolen heads

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Aug 21, 2017
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While Kami has already given a 3 day ban to the parties involved, they still possess stolen griefed heads from me.

While heads cannot be fixed, I was told that @StupidDrew9 or another admin can fix this situation.

I originally planned to takemy items back from their town (cocaine_maine), from the users Me_iq and IChugLotsOfPaint, when the town would fall on Saturday due to their 0 bank balance. It has not, and somehow despite being both banned, they have deposited money to keep the town, (which has signs mocking my town and showing my stolen heads), just to troll me.

The reason I’m re-reporting this
Id like to garner proper attention from an Admin who can help me with the situation.

Sponsor Vote Heads I lost:
  • Pride Flag Head
  • Netherlands Flag Head
These two heads are invaluable because I have my South Africa Flag Head that goes on display with my Netherlands flag Head to show unity between my African and Dutch people who live in my town. Without it, our main unity monument is gone. The pride flag is also apart of our acceptance of lgbtq members of our town. It would help if we could have these items retrieved, it doesn’t matter how.

thank you so much for your time, and have a great day.