Rejected redstone_wrecker staff application #01

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by redstone_wrecker, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. redstone_wrecker

    redstone_wrecker New Member

    Feb 4, 2020
    1) What is your Minecraft username?
    redstone_wrecker (I can't post links yet, sorry)
    2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?
    Age: 13
    Timezone: GMT -5 (EST)
    3) How long have you played here on Ruinscraft?
    I first joined about a month ago but I only really started playing five days ago.
    4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?
    I have answered questions I knew the answers to and I try my best to help people in my town by giving them plots, iron, or doing things for them like taking a villager from Latvia under Africa and India to China.
    5) In what ways would you improve the server?
    I would answer all questions I knew answers to. I would also warn people before punishing them unless they are a re-offender. I would never, and I mean never, abuse my power for any reason. I'm not saying I'd be some messiah, I'd just do what is expected with me.
    6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?
    I have only moderated small, but active, servers with rather strict rules that result in prison time after a trial. I know that sounds like I was just a police officer, but I did much more than just that. I have also moderated and currently do moderate some small but extremely active discord servers, and one medium-large discord server.
    7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?
    What I lack in seniority and writing skill, I make up for in pure dedication and adaptability. I can adapt to almost any kind of job ranging from political figure to security officer to scientist. A reason why me being new to server is good is because you know I don't have any long-standing loyalties to anyone and won't give leniency to anyone more than someone else. I also play about an hour a day during the week, and more during the weekend, and I mainly play in Manchuria or South Africa, however I often travel around to see what people have created.
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  2. ZavidLife


    Oct 5, 2016
    Hey, we reviewed your application and love the personality and stand out-ish it is! We are declining your application though for specific reasons we cannot discuss. We hope to see you on the server more often and longer. Fix up some details and formatting if you choose to apply again! Hope to see ya around! :)
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