Rejected PiratedData Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by PiratedData, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. PiratedData

    PiratedData New Member

    May 12, 2020
    1) What is your minecraft username?

    My user name is PiratedData and i have no reason to change it since its on all of my social media

    2) What is your age and timezone?

    I am a 15 year old and my timezone is MSK (GMT +3)

    3) How long have you played on our server?

    I have joined this server in February 8 and have played for something like 4 months

    4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?

    I mostly help people in pvp and help them how to fight correctly. Sometimes i have helped people via farm drops or town exploits. If some new players had joined and asked for help ive given some starting gear and shown gold deposits.

    5) In what ways would you improve the server?

    1. Mute bot spammers

    2. Find exploits which i already found with boats

    3. Add a damn player verification man, with that most bots cant even enter mcatlas

    6) Do you have previous experience as staff on any other server?

    I have some experience over other games as staff

    7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?

    Im a european and wake up early so i can check on the server chat.

    Short application is the efficiency
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  2. Captain_Wheatley

    Captain_Wheatley New Member

    Feb 24, 2020
    accepted. welcome to the staff team.
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  3. Izer_

    Izer_ Frequent Member

    May 22, 2015
    Short 'n' sweet. We shall see if it is too short.
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  4. _coolbird

    _coolbird Frequent Member

    Apr 20, 2020
    hamburger cheeseburger big mac whooper
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  5. 1K2C3M


    Mar 14, 2018
    Hello PiratedData,

    Upon reviewing your application we've decided to reject it. Regardless, we appreciate the time you took to make your application and I hope you have a wonderful day! You may reapply in 2 weeks.
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