Accepted Obilion's ban appeal (updated to fit comments)

I AM APPEALING FOR oBilions!!!!!!!!!!! "My username is Obilions but I got reported on different alts. I was banned in November 2020. I admit that my ban was a good punishment, but I think I should have had a temp ban and not a perm ban. Yes, I did use mass alts, macros, boat fly, use auto fishing, griefing, and other stuff but I was already punished for the things that affect players and everything else was harmless. I got banned for fly hacking, spamming, and using different alts after one gets banned. I have seen people get banned for all that stuff but at least they got temp banned. If I get banned I will never use hack clients, alts, grief, or break any new rules. In fact, I won't chat in the nation or global chats, I won't leave my town, and won't engage in combat with anybody. I know I was kind of annoying and dramatic, but I've changed. I know I was very cringe on forums too. What I did was wrong and I admit that, so reduce my ban to a temp ban. I mean an actual ban too, don't just ban me for 100 years or something like that. If I EVER get punished for anything again, I will leave the forums, discord, and the server. I promise I won't break the rules."