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  1. royalkingkb

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    May 31, 2011

    We have been developing a new chat system which is currently in place on our Minecraft servers. It will look and feel very similar to how the chat system has been previously. However, there are some major changes which needs to be listed:
    • Default chat is "global" which shows on all servers
      • Focus this channel with /global
      • A green [G] represents players who are on the same server as you
      • A grey [G] represents players who are not on the same server as you
    • "local" chat has been implemented on all servers. Who it displays to depends on the server context.
      • Focus this channel with /local
      • local chat on hub will show to everyone on hub
      • local chat on skyblock will show to everyone on skyblock
      • local chat on infinite will show to everyone on infinite
      • local chat on plots will show to only players in your plot
      • You may use a nickname/rpname in local chat
        • Set a nickname/rpname with /nickname <name>
        • Reset a nickname/rpname with /nicknamereset
      • Donators may change their name color with localcolor
        • Set your name color with /localcolor <colorcode>
        • Reset your name color with /localcolorreset
    • Ignoring players has been implemented
      • Ignore or unignore (toggle) a username/UUID with /ignore <username/uuid>
      • Show the users you are ignoring with /ignore
      • Ignoring a player will hide their chat in any chat channel including private messages
    • You may mute or unmute chat channels (global, local, or private messages) with /chat
    As always, let us know of any issues or feedback you may have. More features are still to come.
  2. SupWoke

    SupWoke Member

    Dec 1, 2017
    Finally we get the ignore feature, probably one of the most requested chat features
  3. TheGameboi

    TheGameboi Member

    Jul 22, 2018
    same. itll be soooo much better than listen to people who just go pass the line
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