MCATLAS Weather Update


Mar 22, 2015
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MCATLAS Weather Update​

Hi all,

This update has been in the works for months now, and I'm happy to finally release it all to the public. In our attempt to keep our server realistic, we're keeping as much weather true to real life as we can. I will go over what weather we've added to the server:

Tropical Cyclones


Hurricanes, tropical storms, typhoons, etc. can all be found on MCATLAS where they exist in real life.
If you're near one, it'll toss you around, and you could lose items in your inventory! If you get into the eye of the storm (which is no easy task), you will win a prize.

The armor won from the tropical storm​
Withstanding the storm by wearing the armor​

The prize you win is some enchanted leather armor with custom lore. This rare armor protects you from any storms with the listed wind speed or less, so you can go through the winds with no risk of injury! You can only get one piece of armor per storm.

The stronger the storm, the faster the winds, the wider the wind area, and the smaller the eye. If you manage to get armor from a very strong storm, you will have a very rare item! The armor is also colored more red the higher the wind speed it can withstand.


The tornado​

The named item from walking into the tornado​

Tornadoes can be found around the United States. When a tornado is reported in real life, one spawns ingame! Don't get too close, or you might get sent upward faster than you think! Going through a tornado can also tear up your elytra or toss out items in your inventory, so be careful.

If you hold a single item (any item) and walk into a tornado while holding that item, it will add custom lore to that item with information about the tornado! Just make sure you get down safely after getting sucked in. You can only get one item with custom lore per unique tornado.

(Side note: we made a TikTok about our tornadoes! Go check it out!)

Ambient Weather

Weather hotbar message​
Rain in Colorado​
Mist at the Space Needle​

Various ambient weather was also implemented. This type of weather does not physically affect your gameplay, other than some particles.

Your exact location ingame is occasionally checked for real life weather conditions, and is then updated ingame. Weather conditions which can be seen ingame include clear skies, rain, thunderstorms, mist, fog, smoke, volcano ash, sandstorms, and more! See if you can find these conditions on MCATLAS!

Additionally, every 30 seconds, a description of the weather in your area is displayed over your hotbar, including temperature, wind speed, and weather description!

Enjoy the update, and let us know if you run into any bugs or issues!
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