Rejected JamessV's Builder Application

Aug 15, 2015
Fairview, TN

Why should we hire you?
Personally, I love building, and Ruinscraft has held a place in my heart for a while. I've been a member on RC since at least 2015, and I've been improving my builds that far back as well.

Age and Timezone?
17, Central timezone (CST, the one with Chicago and Nashville and all that)

Strengths & Weaknesses
One of my biggest strengths would be how well I adapt to projects. I picked this up being a builder on both X###m (you might know what I'm talking about, let me know if not but I didn't wanna advertise) as well as Fl####m (a server that spun off of X###m). Anything from a shopping mall, to Rome, to Egypt, to the freaking moon, I could adapt. I'm something of an esteemed artist in my community, having been the first person to earn the "Authentic Visionary" award at my school. I do art and I make builds because I really care about the end result. Another benefit, you could say, is that I don't want any sort of payment on big projects. I just can't stand to see great ideas go unfulfilled. On the flipside, I need time to adapt, mainly to when builds are. I'm a very preoccupied man outside of minecraft, and while I'm still more than willing to spend my free time on a server that's already entertained me for years, it's not something I can just spontaneously get on and do. I would need to know in advance (not even by that much, maybe a few hours) when a project is happening, which I assume would be no problem at all.
I tried organizing some of the builds I've made over the past year, including organics, spaceships, and a wide spread of architectural styles. I tried to find the references I used for each of them and tried to pair them up with the builds, but that might've just made it look a bit more cluttered. Please let me know if you have any questions. My discord is James V#9863 .

Have a nice day :)
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