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    A Guide to Applying for Staff

    So you’ve been a player on Ruinscraft for a while, and you’re considering applying for staff. The act of helping out players, answering questions, and moderating chat is appealing to you, and you’ve decided to make an application in hopes of being accepted. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

    Ground Rules

    There are a few ground rules you need to know before applying:
    • You must be over 13 to be accepted to the staff team.
    • Don’t lie in your application. We would rather know that you are too young, haven’t been playing here for a long amount of time, or haven’t been staff on another server. Be completely honest when applying.
    • Don’t use weird colors, strange formatting, or emojis in your application.
    • Don’t plagiarize. If it is not your work, don’t use it. Plagiarism will get your application immediately rejected.

    • You must use the official format for applications. If you do not use this format, you will be asked to edit it to fit this format or your application will be rejected.

    • Your account can not be a shared account or a cracked account.

    • Don’t bug staff to look at or respond to your application. Not only is it irritating for us, but will also result in a higher chance of your application being denied.
    Writing Your Application

    Now that we have covered the basics, you are ready to start forming your application! Here is some advice on what will make your application stand out among others.

    Add detail where it is necessary, be concise where it is not:
    For questions like your username and timezone, keep your response short and clean. You may choose to add a link to your NameMC if you have had multiple usernames during your time on Ruinscraft. Other than this, do not add too much to your first three questions. However, in the rest of the application, we would like to know as much as possible about you and why we should pick you. Here, it is appropriate to add as much detail as is relevant! Ideally, we would like these questions to be about a paragraph each.

    Make it clear how active you’ll be and where you will be spending most of your time:
    We like to try to keep the server as moderated as possible; we don’t expect you to be on 24/7, but we do expect you to have a schedule where you can pop on at least once a day to do some moderation. Although real life priorities always come first, and we expect that every staff member will have days they are unavailable, we would like to know that you will not disappear for months at a time and can be relied on to do your part in the team. Alongside this, we would like to know where you are spending most of your time online, so that we can coordinate moderation for our several servers.

    Look at accepted applications for inspiration:
    One of the first things I did when making my application was looking at some of the accepted or under review applications, and finding some of the things they had in common. This is a good indication of what we’re looking for in successful applicants. Finding the pros and cons of accepted and under review applications is a great way to improve your own, or give you inspiration if you don’t know how to start.
    ** Disclaimer: Inspiration is different than plagiarism. We will know if you have copied from previous applications. The purpose of viewing accepted applications is not to pass their work off as your own, but rather to get a better idea on where to start, what to add, and what we are looking for.

    What’s Next?

    Now that you have written a fantastic application, the staff team’s process of reviewing and determining if you’re suitable for the job begins. We do not rely on applications alone for picking staff. Like any job, there is a sort of interview process. Instead of doing a verbal, face-to-face interview, we tend to watch from a distance to monitor your behavior in-game and on Discord & Forums.

    What we look for in a potential staff member:
    • Active on our platforms (in-game, Discord, or the forums).
    • Being a model player, displaying initiative, maturity, and a helpful “go-getter” attitude.
    • Involved in chat and makes an effort to interact with others in the community.
    • Takes initiative, stepping outside of their comfort zone to resolve disputes, answer questions, and take leadership over a difficult situation (without taking it too far and acting like a staff member).
    • Interacts with and has fun with members of the community.
    • Proposes dynamic ideas to improve the quality of the server.
    • Makes new players feel welcomed as soon as they join, offering assistance when needed and being a friend to them.

    How do I apply?
    Once you have created a Ruinscraft Forums account, navigate to the Staff Applications forum. There will be a button under the search bar on the upper right corner that reads “post new thread.” Click that and begin your application - be sure to follow the official format.

    How do I find GMT?
    https://greenwichmeantime.com/time-gadgets/time-zone-converter/. If you cannot find your timezone in GMT, just include your regular timezone.

    Where can I find a list of accepted applications?

    How long should my application be?
    Your application should be as long as it needs to be to fully answer the questions. You do not have to go overboard with your application - we are not looking for or expecting an essay. We also are not looking for just the bare minimum. Use your judgement when deciding what should or shouldn't make it into your application, and make sure only the most relevant points are added.

    Will my ban record affect my chances of becoming staff?
    Not necessarily; if you have changed your ways over the course of a few months or years, we are willing to consider you for staff. However, if you have just returned from a lengthy ban, have had a recent series of punishments, or have not shown growth as a person, this will be taken into account when reviewing your application.

    How long will it take before I get a response?
    Although there is no set amount of time, you can expect a response in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You may need to wait longer depending on the amount / activity of staff, amount of applications, or other factors.

    Can I apply for a higher rank than Helper?
    No. All staff that are promoted begin as helper, then work their way through the ranks depending on their abilities and how well they perform. Not all staff will reach the admin rank, as it requires knowledge in coding and server development. Similarly, you cannot apply for two ranks in the same application (eg. builder and helper) as each application has specific requirements you must meet.

    What does under review mean?
    If your application is put under review, this means that you are actively being considered for a position as a staff member. In this stage, make a good impression by being helpful, active, and demonstrating model behavior on the server.

    My application was rejected. What do I do now?
    If your application is rejected, you must wait 2 weeks before reapplying. Please start a new thread rather than editing your old one. A staff member will reply to your thread with a rejection message. If you wish to hear a reason for your rejection, you may ask on the thread itself and a staff member will get back to you shortly.

    Best of luck on applying and I hope to see you on the staff team one day!
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