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Apr 2, 2017
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Columbus,OH United States
I usually post sarcastic jokes, but this thread is going to be serious.

I wasn’t very extroverted in school. I had hardly any friends, but one of them I would play Minecraft with all day. She introduced me to Ruinscraft, a large plots/kit pvp server, and we played campfire RPs for hours. It was fun, but I quit because I wasn’t talkative enough for it.
I decided to come back, but just for a little while. I liked the server, it just wasn’t for me though. The only person I even remember talking to during this time was Concurrence, who most likely doesn’t even remember me from then.
Finally, a server I felt I belonged in. MCAtlas was made for people with an interest in history, geography, politics, and leadership. You didn’t need anything to get started, and creating a town was as easy as voting for 3 days in a row. I would meet many friends during this period.
COVID-19 hits. This was the perfect time to play MCAtlas, and the server thrived. While I was stuck in my house without talking to friends or hardly going outside, I spent my time mining for gold and building structures. I met “Jesuss”, Malyesa, Soverhs, Titan70, Ryzenix, and so many more people I considered my real friends. It was a replacement for real life while I waited out the storm of the pandemic.
Ruinscraft as a whole is on the decline. In late 2020/21, most of the people I thought of as my friends had left. Even as the pandemic slowed, I was still as introverted as ever, and would still rather find people to play with on Minecraft as opposed to real life. I coped with my friends leaving by playing with different people, but it wasn’t the same- I missed the people I made so many memories with.
I’m scared, but the time has come for all of us to let go. I made so many memories, and I’ve always had more friends on this server than I’ve ever had in real life. The difference between me now and me in 2016 is this: I know what I want to do with my life, and it’s not sitting around on a computer screen. I want to make more friends, and make more memories. But for real this time.

Ruinscraft changed me. I hope to see you all again in some way in *real life*, so get out there and don’t be a shut in. I don’t plan on coming online often from now on, so I’d like to get some burdens off of my chest.

Loxures, I’m sorry that I never played with you often because you were one of my best friends on here. StupidDrew9, and all the staff members, I’m sorry for making trouble for you. Jesuss, Malyesa, Soverhs, and Titan: I’m sorry that I followed all of you around all the time, and the reason for the nation falling after you left is because of my lack of independence. Johannes and eastern Iceland, I’m sorry that you spent so much time and effort, but I was unable to ever help you. Vegas residents Oinker and Cowgirl: I’m sorry that I ignored you, and your kindness to me is irreplaceable. North American residents, I’m sorry for abandoning you and giving up when times got tough. To my friends I haven’t mentioned such as Imnyrsik and Kyllr5k (as well as everyone else on this server), I’m sorry for not getting to know you.

I love all of you so much. My memories of this server will never die. You were my childhood, and now it’s time to grow up. <3


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