Goodbye to all, I will never forget you guys

Aug 21, 2017
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This post will serve as a sort of copy and paste for my reply as well as my thoughts on this end of an amazing era.

I joined Ruinscraft when I was 13, I wasn’t even in high school yet, now I’m almost 19 and I’m a full adult who works a job.

Ruinscraft has literally been my #1 server, I cannot express how much gratitude for everyone I feel.

I feel that one forum post cannot accurately reflect all the words I feel on this subject. Nor can I thank every person I’ve met. There are tens, if not hundreds of people I’ve befriended over the years. I hope the following story will give light to my travels across this server:

I’ve dealt with suicide and depression for many years now. And recently I had some issues with a relapse. It made me think about what I’m thankful for. I cannot say how much this server means to me. I have laughed, I have cried. I have literally banged my desk in anger, and felt the utter loss of everything. I’ve quite literally spent nearly a thousand hours with you people, and the time we’ve spent together. Between Pumfee, paleles, Dieco, GH5T, Pastelant, Frenchie, just perq, Falcusage, Mr haon, gagik crafter, DinoDeniz, Robotchicken. Maximuze, Evox, SQL, Dianmanmente, Demandaquand, Rob, eightvolt, top1111, KD, Kiaraman, Simonopilis, Kylee009, Kamihertlemon, aquamarine, roxandtol, stupiddrew......(apologies if I fogot your name, I’m actually crying while writing this)

I will remember you all forever. I can’t think of a better life to waste on a screen than with you people. I literally can’t stop crying, and I haven’t cried like this since I lost my uncle to covid in 2020, this is a emotional thing for me.

As for my cities, Constantinople, Crimea, Libya, Astrakahan/Sarai, Pyongyang, Alexandria, and Córdoba, I always said that they will never truely die. I always did say that I wouldn’t leave Ruinscraft until the day it died

I will be here until Duke pulls the plug, I will be there in game and I will stand defiant, with my sword on my hand, atop the Córdoba Library.

I will not delete the city or it’s contents. The items will forever be locked away, only I knowing the contents. My books collection will die with me, as I committed myself to knowledge and I will die beside it.

For those who wish to continue playing together, the Persia Discord Server will be transformed into a new gaming group where we will find a new server to play on. We will be choosing it eventually, so I hope you will join us as we embark on the Voyeger Ship on our way to the great unknown.

It’s been a pleasure gents, cheers and may the harpy forever guide you all.

“I don’t know where, I don’t know when, but I know we will meet again some sunny day”