Under Review Discord ban appeal - Full story

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Apr 28, 2020
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Hey, as most of you; the staff team. Should know, I was recently banned from the ruinscraft discord for “doxxing”. Although it’s “valid” I’ll explain the full story mostly to clear up what everyone has been harassing me of considering drew deleted two weeks of messages which yes, covered up the story. Along with Elaine deleting her own messages in certain places to make me look worse. I did not dox, I actually asked permission to post multiple times. This can be backed up by a few members of the community who witnessed it first hand. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have posted it regardless of the permission which was granted. I have screenshots of the allowance of the info to be posted (which I wasn’t even sure was accurate, although it was). She exclaimed by the first few minutes that “it’s not even her’s” and didn’t seem to mind up until she realized it was a quick opportunity to get me banned (she then proceeded to flood staff DMs). My messages were in no way jokingly enough to make her unaware that I was serious, although yes I do deserve the punishment for posting in the first place. If she didn’t even want that slim chance to be reality she should have said no, and that’s final. However she decided to say yes (multiple times mind you). This then brought upon harassment in my own server by Kamiheartlemon, including offensive words as I had previously discussed a bit about myself irl. Which he promptly deleted as he is a staff member. I don’t truly care if I’m unbanned from the discord as in reality I can get people to show me what goes on, although in the off chance I am unbanned from the discord I could be put on a very very sensitive restriction. I will ignore both Elaine0204 once she chooses to come back after her little departure. I’m making it sound as if I’m the victim which I am not, she is. Although I know for a fact her reaction was dramatically different from the initial posting (she had told me to delete it after posting which I did instantly). With no reaction other than “stop” which yes I also did follow. I feel as if even if I’m in the wrong that I am not entirely guilty; I was literally given ALLOWANCE by the person who I “doxxed”. I’ve always asked to post people’s selfies.. Prime examples would be Pumfee, and Hunter. I have never doxxed anyone in the community before, and for me personally this isn’t even doxxing as I was given literal permission. Call it what you want. This isn’t much of a ban appeal as it is clearing up the story, if you’d like screenshots contact me on discord @taiga#0002. As the story was miss matched by Johannes who has practically told everyone I just posted it without even caring. He even denied to see the evidence calling it “edited” BEFORE even looking at it. I feel the punishment is very much necessary to protect the community, although this isn’t exactly doxxing. Doxxing would be posting without consent, I asked multiple times to receive a yes. Under the rule that I delete soon after posting. This has been the same as posting Hunter and Pumfee’s selfies (which as stated I’ve always asked, and a selfie is MUCH worse than address as it’s much much more trackable to social media accounts, etc). I have never used her address for malicious intent and I do not plan to, it was seen by maybe 2-3 people max other than us two. Thank you for reading this, and I am not the victim. Although I feel this is slightly unfair, take care. -paleles <3


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