Data loss on our KitPvP Minecraft server

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    May 31, 2011

    Good afternoon,

    Today I would like to talk about our KitPvP server and the recent issues we have been having with specifically Ender Chests functioning correctly.

    If you play on KitPvP, you might have noticed some funky stuff going on with your Ender Chest data. If you are not familiar with what has been happening, Ender Chest data has disappeared, been altered, and not saved correctly ever since the launch of the KitPvP server.

    We have tried our best to combat this issue and work towards a solution that provides rock solid server performance, data reliability, and the smoothest operations possible.

    The Bukkit plugin we choose to use for this release of KitPvP (I am not going to mention the name, however many of you probably know anyhow) has been unreliable and, as previously described, has caused many data issues in the past.

    Just today, the plugin has caused the Ender Chest data on KitPvP to become inaccessible.

    I would like to be as transparent as possible with why this has happened because I am sure many of you are not satisfied with the Ruinscraft organization, its staff, and performance because of this.

    Explanation of why this happened:

    For the technically inclined:

    When we launched the KitPvP server, we overlooked that the plugin supported the use of a SQL based database. Providing much performance increases and reliability versus a flat-file based configuration.

    We used the flat-file configuration for the first couple of days unaware that we would run into serious issues down the road. As the number of players increased and the data began to grow, our problems with flat-file storage began to arise.

    We looked into the plugin's configuration and realized that it supported a SQL based database. This is completely at the fault of the Ruinscraft administrators and developers who configured the plugin before the launch of KitPvP. A SQL database configuration should have been at the use from the start. We soon switched over to the SQL database configuration and, as a result, caused a loss of Ender Chest data. It is possible that the plugin would function a lot more sanely than if it were not have been transferred from flat-file to a SQL database.

    Recently, the plugin has been performing unintentional operations with the data. We believe this to be at fault of the plugin and not the Ruinscraft administrators and developers. Regardless to say, we still take all the blame for the loss of data as it is our responsibility to accurately test and develop a server which is reliable, secure, and performant to our needs.

    For the non-technically inclined:

    We used a somewhat poorly designed plugin and configured it incorrectly. We will be switching to a new plugin in which the data formats are completely different. The data from the old plugin is somewhat "corrupt." A lot of Ender Chest data was not saved.

    What will happen next:

    Our admin team (dukesmart, StupidDrew9, efusion4, and I) have all tried recovery methods for the data. It came down to having to just use a new plugin. Ender Chest data will be lost. We are completely apologetic and realize that it is mostly at the fault of Ruinscraft. We are switching to a known reliable Ender Chest plugin we previously used on our legacy KitPvP server (2014). The plugin has been since maintained and is extremely reliable.


    Q: Why are you using an Ender Chest plugin? Doesn't Minecraft just support Ender Chests?
    A: Yes, Minecraft supports Ender Chests. Minecraft does not, however, support the larger Ender Chest sizes we offer to Tiered players.

    Q: Will I loose everything in my Ender Chest?
    A: Yes, unfortunately. We sincerely apologize and promise to not let this situation take fold again in the future.

    Q: Can I get my stuff back?
    A: We realize your frustration. We really do. We understand that you worked hard at earning your stuff. We know how your trust with us has been hindered. For the fairness of others, we are not going to be compensating items. For anybody that has donated on our web store for in-game KitPvP money, we will be reissuing those commands.

    Q: I donated for KitPvP money, I then bought items with that money and stored them in my Ender Chest. Will I get compensation for this?
    A: Anybody that has donated on our web store for in-game KitPvP money will have the total amount they paid for added to their KitPvP balance.

    Q: Will my inventory clear?
    A: No, just Ender Chests.

    A: Will my balance (/bal) disappear?
    A: No, just Ender Chests.

    I am going to leave replies to this closed. I know we will hear complaints regarding this issue. I am completely aware of how this affects our users. We, once again, sincerely apologize. If you would like to seriously discuss this issue and how affects you, you can email us at help (at) or PM us on Twitter @ruinscraft.

    You can email me directly if you do not understand something in this post with royalkingkb (at) I will respond to any questions regarding interpretation and technical aspects of this post.
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