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  1. Burrowed

    Burrowed New Member

    Jun 4, 2019
    1) What is your Minecraft username?
    2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?
    I'm 14 years old, Central Daylight Time (CDT) -5 hours.
    3) How long have you played here on Ruinscraft?
    I’ve been playing on Ruinscraft since the end of 2016.
    4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?
    I've helped people find out how to play many of the gamemodes available to play in the server, I've helped some sort out problems with their game and community.
    5) In what ways would you improve the server?
    I will be able to make it a more friendlier, happier place to play on by getting rid of a bunch of drama, one thing that I do about drama between players that I've seen other staff members not do is to try and look at it from both players perspectives. I will stop people from being racist and trying to start things with other players in chat. I will stop make sure no one is spamming cause everyone knows how annoying it is to try and talk in chat when someone is constantly spamming something. I'll make sure no one gets away with advertising as long as I get proof of it or as long as I am on, and personally I don't see why people do this because, who would leave the current server they're playing on to go and join a server someone posts in chat, especially if they need to advertise in another server's chat, that just indicates that it's a small server which means not that much action. I also PvP a lot on the server, I know the hacks, I know how they work and what they look like. I can also improve the server by not just enforcing rules but also helping players that need it
    6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?
    My most significant role was Sr Mod on the now closed Rising Heroes network. I started out as a helper on the server, with a few months experience on the server already, as well as having built a reputation in the community. Even at this lower helper level, I took a team-leader role and supported my staff team, everyone from helpers to mods: making sure everyone was okay, providing someone to talk to and helping out our newer members of staff, acting as a pillar of our community. As my status in the staff team increased I was able to perform this job better, but I didn’t see it as a job! I consider myself a very caring and compassionate person which is one of the main things I hope to bring to the server. I was able to progress fairly quickly, reaching the Senior Moderator role within a couple of months. This demanded a lot of maturity and responsibility (I was in charge of and held accountable for all staff members below me) which I was more than capable of delivering. This has taught me numerous skills which I still apply to aspects of my real life.

    Communication: Frequently talking to my superiors (admins/owners) and relaying information between all staff levels has given me a great deal of experience in using and developing effective communication skills. I have been able to apply this to my interactions with the server’s members, providing an excellent level of consumer service and presentability to represent any server I work for.

    Time Management: This is a skill I have learned through trial and error in my role at Rising Heroes. As this was at times quite demanding there had to be a balance between this and other things in my life at the time; the experience I gained helped greatly in organising my time in all areas, but most importantly I am now able to put in as much time as possible for the server while still allowing time for myself and my well-being.

    Working under pressure: The server was relatively large which proved quite a challenge but with the full support of our excellent staff we were able to successfully manage the operation until it’s closure in mid-2017 (don’t quote me on that!). There were moments where we were under a lot of pressure, for example there were two occasions where the network was hacked but both incidents were resolved at the hands of our committed staff working together. Like I mentioned, this is something I really have a grasp on: I am more than capable of stepping up and keeping my cool in stressful situations.

    Responsibility: As I mentioned previously my role at Rising Heroes was demanding and taking responsibility wasn’t just a requirement, it was a necessity. This came in many forms, from accepting mistakes to being proactive in the forums and in the server, seeking out problems before they could arise. A massive part of this was to simply accept the responsibility I had and stop blaming others for my actions, which is initially a challenge but really helped me to deliver the best performance and be on top of my game while working for the server. I believe that while basic, this skill is sometimes hard to come by and this is something I hope to help all staff members with.
    7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?
    I truly believe that you guys should accept me to be a staff member on the Ruinscraft server because I am a mature, kind, and nice human being.

    Maturity: I try to be as mature as I can. I am not toxic at all. Showing maturity shows that you are a professional human being and that you take things seriously and that is how I want people to view me as.

    Professionalism: Being professional is a very big thing when applying for a job like this or even in real life. You will not get accepted if you are not professional and that is why that I am always professional whenever I talk to anyone.

    Grammar: I try to not make any spelling mistakes at all. This is another features that supports the professionalism topic that I have wrote about above.

    Active: I try to be as active as I can be. If I am on my computer and not doing any homework I will most definitely be on the Ruinscraft server and making sure there are absolutely no rule breakers.

    Responsibility: Since I do have many things in real life that I need to take care of such as school, etc. I have to be responsible to do my homework and turn it in on time, study for any of my tests and/or quizzes, etc. Being responsible will make a good impression on you.

    Caring: I care for every single player on any Server, but however if they are hacking I will ban them. I do indeed like to give hackers the benefit of the doubt and see if they would like to admit for a shorter ban. I do this mainly with xrayers. If someone is hacking blatantly I will just go ahead and ban them myself for the desired amount of time.

    Amount Of Experience: I personally believe that I have more then an average person when it comes to the amount of experience. I know how to deal with commands very well. I know good time duration to mute and ban people for. I have been playing MineCraft for about six years now. I know the more complicated things about MineCraft, not just the little simple things.
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  2. Burrowed

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    Jun 4, 2019
    I didn't copy this from anybody except myself, I previously made a staff application a while back, and wrote down similar things, and copy and pasted a little bit of it. I apologize I didn't remove "Q9".
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  3. Izer_

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    May 22, 2015
    -There's no evidence that you didn't plagiarize. Prove this is actually you.
    -If you copied your own application before, you should have disclosed it beforehand.
    -You shouldn't copy any applications, you need to make a new one each time. If you can't even be bothered to do that, how could anybody possibly trust you to put in the effort to be a good staff member?

    You also made an entirely new application with no differences in order to evade you rejection. This is seriously immature. If you had evidence you were copying from yourself, you should have just replied to @__north and told her that.
  4. __north

    Retired Staff Wiki Editor

    Mar 2, 2016
    Staff application rejected.... unless you are provably someone named cattyzombie, this is not your work. The link to the application you plagiarized is here: but I'm sure you know this.

    P.S. you need to wait two weeks in between applications, not 2 hours. Thank you for applying but we do not tolerate plagiarism.
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