Rejected BlackPhoenix002's Staff Application

Apr 29, 2021
1) What is your Minecraft username?
At the very moment my username is BlackPhoenix002 and i dont tend to change it much. So dont expect a change here.

2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?

I am 16 years old and my time zone is Central Time, or GMT -5.

3) How long have you played on our servers?

I've playing Ruinscraft for around half a year although almost always on mcatlas

4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?

While playing on MCAtlas, I have come across a few of players who do not really understand how to use MCMMO and other such things . When helping newer users or people coming back after a long time, I spend a most of my time warning people of traps other players have set and assisting when i can. I help point them in the right directions as to what shops to use and who to avoid when trading

5) In what ways would you improve the server?

Without a doubt, the community is the most important part of MCAtlas and the server as a whole. If we did not have a good player-base we would not have a server. With this in mind I have come up with some ideas I feel could better engage users, and help grow the player-base further.

Community Events

One idea that me and many other people have had is that the server needs more community events. At the moment, little happens on MCATLAS and I feel that if we had some type of weekly event it would keep more of the player base and keep people interested. Something special that would help us standout even more.

Think of them as weekly events hosted by the staff team that interacts with the player base. Something that rewards them for how much they do of something. If they build a specific amount they get building items or if they mine ore they get a temp bonus.

I think there is a lot of room for creativity when coming up with these events, and it would be something interesting for both the staff team and the players.

6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?

Yes, I assisted in the upkeep of a server for about a year and a half with one of my friends and it got a mild player-base.

7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?

It has been about half a year since I have joined the server. In that time, I have interacted with many members of the player base. I know most of its people, and I feel as though I understand their needs. Beyond all of that, I am willing to help out; I am consistently active on the server, playing somewhere from 1-6 hours per day depending on my current schedule . Finally, I want to make a change. I want to help players learn about the server, and I want to watch it grow, so that others will have the experiences that I have enjoyed playing MCAtlas.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Apr 19, 2020
BlackPhoenix002, Thank you for applying. We regret to inform you that we are going to reject this application. You may reapply in two weeks.