Rejected Ban appeal

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Jul 31, 2021
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Hello I am appealing for my ban(username: RoboRunner2005) . I was able to record some clips where the bug that drew was describing happens(he said I was flying without using rockets). (
) in 1a the sound didn’t record but you can see that sometimes there are no particles, in 2a you can see it happening when the chunks where not loading fast enough and in 2b I do a lot of lunches and you can see that sometimes I get boosted with no rockets or the rockets get used later.( 1a and 1b are in a single player world with a lag machine to replicate the lag and 2a and 2b are in a multiplayer server hosted by onkler to check if I will lag bc she lives in the usa and I live in Greece). There are time stamps in the descriptions of the videos with every time the bug happens. From what I could find I think the problem is with network latency since I live in Greece here are some of the articles I found( called lag,at its destination and decoded , ). The Lag is probably a combination of my bad computer and my location. If there is further evidence I could provide to prove my innocence please tell me.Thanks for your time