MCAtlas A Thank you too the admins / staff

Sep 3, 2020
It came to my attention that players from our community have been allowed to continue playing on MCAtlass and some have even had towns again for a while.
These were players who previously lost their towns or houses and resources due to the Atlantic town deletions that occurred a year ago.
It's not the same as having their towns returned or being compensated, however it does allow the ones who wish to, to play independently and enjoy their own towns again.
To show my appreciation of the time that staff had to put in because of this issue and decide to allow these players to play, I am going to donate another sponsorship.
This time for dogbat, who went through a lot and did not deserve it, yet has returned and still likes to play on this server despite all that went on.
No, this was no bribe, staff had no knowledge of this in advance.

Thank you (ElWiseOwl)