21 facts about me


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May 23, 2015
British Columbia, Canada
21 facts about me
1 i am racist
1 i cant count
3 i hate n words
4 i am a staff on ruisncraft.com/forums
5 i am a staf f on myinecrat mc.ruinscraf.tcom
6 i have had sexual intercourse with just_pierq
6 the time has cum execute cumcumber 66
9 69 lol
10 i figured out myself that the word cucumber has with the word cum in it
11 i am autistic
12 i am i am ia
13 i
15 when the pizza roles are gone
16 i am legoyoda
17 hampter
18 why the fuck did you leave me on read you fucking n word
19 i work for the russian governement in the CIA wit dukesmart. i am his 4th in command (2nd is royal 3rd is stupidtrue3x3 4th is icedragon 5th is me)
20 im not actually autistic lol that was a joke lol dont take it seriously haha
21 i just got atsepted as ruinscraft staff membe
22 lilfux is my boyfriend
33 please give me staff i am ver
24 y active on the ruinscraft server and would make a g
25ood candiddate