Steve Cinema Media ToS

Steve Cinema Media Terms of Service

3rd Party Services

Steve Cinema utilizes many 3rd party services for media. Users directly load content from the 3rd party services. Steve Cinema does not proxy or host user requested media. Users of the service should acknowledge that these 3rd party services may have additional Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

List of 3rd Party Services Supported

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • SoundCloud

Content Moderation

Steve Cinema is an online platform for sharing media such as videos and music. All content which is requested by our users is hosted by 3rd party services (see 3rd Party Services). While these platforms have moderation, there is no guarantee that the media requested by our users will be appropriate for all ages. We have rules on what media content can be requested.

By using Steve Cinema to request media, you agree you will not violate our rules on what type of media can be requested.

By using Steve Cinema to request and view media, you agree that you may be exposed to potentially offensive, shocking, or adult content at any time during gameplay.

To report media which violates our rules, you can:

  • Directly message a staff member in-game, on the Ruinscraft Forums, or on our Discord server.
  • Create a report (without screenshot which may content inappropriate material) on the Ruinscraft Forums or Discord server.

Please include the following information when making a report:

  • Media requester’s username
  • Brief description of the media which breaks the rules (please do not go into too much detail if it’s offensive, etc.)