Steve Cinema Tutorial

Installing the Mods

Steve Cinema uses a few mods to enable functionality such as being able to view the theater screens. Under the hood we use FabricMC, but have a few more requirements than just installing mod jar files.

Use our installer to automatically download and install the required files. This will also create a launcher profile for you.

This installer will not touch existing mod jar files. The Steve Cinema profile runs mods from a completely separate directory.

Steve Cinema is only compatible with Minecraft: Java Edition

Installer source code

Step 1. Download and run the Installer for your OS

If you're using macOS, first run the Application. Then, you need to allow it to run in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General. Click "Open Anyway" on the blocked Application. It would cost us $100 per year to remove this restriction which we are not willing to do at this time.

Step 2. Acknowledge the legal disclaimer

Step 3. Choose your Minecraft installation (if it's not the default) and click Install / Verify

Step 4. Close the Installer and run Minecraft

Step 5. Make sure the Steve Cinema profile is selected and click Play


Connect to Steve Cinema with the address: