MCATLAS Server Rules

By following these rules, you help make MCATLAS the best it can be. We have these rules in order to ensure players have a fair and excellent experience while playing. By playing MCATLAS, you are required to follow these rules, otherwise punishment may occur.

If you have a suggestion for a new rule or a change to an existing rule, please let us know.

Last changed at August 10 2021 22:30 UTC


We do not recommend you share your Minecraft account information with others.

Any rules broken under your account, even if someone else is using it, will result in the appropriate punishment.

Do not attempt to evade a ban or mute.

Your ability to play or chat on our Minecraft servers have been revoked (as a punishment) because you have broken the rules. If the punishment was temporary, our assumption is that by revoking these abilities will encourage you to follow the rules in the future, when the punishment expires. Bypassing the punishment will not serve to encourage you to follow the rules in the future.

Do not use client-side cheats or hacks (includes gray-area cheats such as auto-clickers, X-Ray resource packs, etc). You may use client-side modifications which do not provide an advantage in gameplay (Optifine, minimaps, etc).

We have this rule because cheats provide an unfair advantage to players who do not use them.

Do not attempt to create lag on our Minecraft server.

Lag creates an unplayable experience for everyone.

Do not sell in game currency or items for real money.

Do not exploit any server-side bugs.

These bugs are typically harmful to the server, give you an advantage over other players, or both. In order to keep things fun and fair for all players we do not allow this. If you discover a bug please report it!

Chat and Etiquette

Do not advertise other Minecraft servers or products. You are allowed to talk about other Minecraft servers by name.

It is not in our interest for our users to be indulging with other (potentially harmful) Minecraft servers or products. Additionally, we do not wish for chat to be filled with advertisements.

Do not post content which advocates violence or self harm in chat, signs, books, etc.

We want all of our users to feel safe on our servers. Advocation for violence goes against this.

No spamming the chat. This means sending several successive messages (more than two) with the same or similar content. This could also mean sending the same character, word, or phrase several times over within the same message.

If our players are spamming chat, it makes legitimate messages by other players hard to read. It can also be annoying for other players to see chat spam.

No harassing or bullying other players.

We wish to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment for all users. Inappropriate behavior toward other players is counterproductive to this goal. We define harassment as: posting or threatening to post anyone's personal information, targeting someone for their race/religion/ethnicity/sexuality, extreme "name-calling", requesting someone to inflict self harm, or in-game stalking or repetitive nagging.

Do not post racist, homophobic, or other inflammatory speech (in chat, on signs, in books, etc).

We wish to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment for all users. Things such as racism, homophobia, and other types of inflammatory speech may make people uncomfortable and does not create a welcoming environment.

Do not post excessively NSFW content (sexual references) in chat, signs, books, etc.

While we allow cursing in our chats, we don't allow these kinds of discussions on our servers as it is not appropriate for our servers and it makes many users uncomfortable. We allow simple words or references to NSFW content, but detailed discussions of such concepts are not allowed.

Griefing and Theft

Griefing is not allowed.

We want players to be able to express their creativity without fear of having their work destroyed.

Griefing of unclaimed railways, paths, grinders, portals, hubs, etc. is not allowed (this includes in the Nether). You may alter these builds if you claim them.

Not all infrastructure made by players can be claimed, and we don't want them to need to claim it! Roads and other infrastructure make the server more connected. Griefing these builds creates a negative experience for everyone.

If a build is seemingly abandoned, has no claims to it, and is not near another claim, you may claim/loot/destroy it. If it looks like it's part of a nearby Town, don't touch it!

This is the only exception to the rule on griefing. We allow this so that players can collect resources from abandoned structures.

If you are allowed to grief, do not go out of your way to make your grief ugly (lava, fire, random blocks, etc.).

This rule is part of our goal to keep the entire map clean, even if places are abandoned.

Theft of items (from chests) is discouraged but allowed. Town or Nation bank theft is easily provable and will result in heavy punishment. Ensure you prevent item theft by locking your chests and by configuring your Town settings to only allow trusted players.

We are unable to prove item theft and tracking down stolen items is virtually impossible. Be sure to follow the steps above so that this is never an issue for yourself. CoMayors and CoKings are allowed to take any amount of gold out of a bank, so be careful who you trust!

Theft or killing of mobs within towns is not allowed.

Mobs are meant to be a protected part of a Town and killing them is a form of griefing.

Do not steal items by killing a player in an area where PvP is not allowed.

Killing a player in a non-PvP area is not allowed to begin with. Read the PvP section for more info.


Do not build bridges more than 4 blocks wide across large oceans or bays. Typically, ice bridges with side walls or railroad bridges are a good idea.

Bridges are useful, but large bridges can be an eyesore in Minecraft and on our dynamic map.

Do not significantly alter or destroy the surface of the world. You can smoothen a hill, but don't blow up Mount Everest.

Our goal is to keep the server as a mostly realistic version of the Earth within Minecraft. Significantly editing the surface of the world impedes this.

You may only build map art in Antarctica or Greenland. Do not build map art close to Towns or over water.

Pixel art is an important part of the server and there is more than enough barren, flat land for it in Antarctica and Greenland. Grief of map art is allowed (after it's done being actively built), so be sure to lock your maps after building them!

Do not create NSFW map art (such as nudity or gore).

Players should be able to opt-out of NSFW content (such as in chat). There is no feasible way for us to censor NSFW map art.

Do not build unrealistic structures (sky islands, floating Towns, underwater cities, etc). This includes artificial islands.

We want to keep our server realistic. Building things that wouldn't be possible in real life does not create a realistic setting. While artificial islands are not allowed, real structures such as ships and oil rigs are allowed.

Do not block waterways. You may build bridges; at least a 2 block gap between the surface of the water and the bottom of the bridge must be left so boats may pass underneath.

Allowing travel throughout the world and keeping the server realistic are two major priorities. Blocking off waterways prevents natural travel by boat and is not realistic. You are allowed to reroute rivers to an extent.


Do not create or distribute NSFW items (that contain subjects such as nudity or gore) or name items inappropriately.

Players should be able to opt-out of NSFW and inappropriate content. There is no feasible way for us to censor NSFW items (such as weapons/maps/heads/etc).


Logging out in a potential PvP situation ("combat logging") is not allowed.

Combat logging is an unfair way to avoid a combat situation.

Do not have PVP enabled in your Town homeblock unless PVP is enabled in the entire Town.

It should be obvious that an area has PVP enabled before teleporting there.

Do not make someone an outlaw if they are currently trapped in that Town.

Because outlawed players can't teleport away, this would be unfair to the outlawed player.

If a staff member is performing staff duties, do not attack them.

If staff are attacked while on duty it hinders their ability to perform tasks. An example of this is a staff member checking out a grief and a player attempting to kill them.

Do not trap a player so that they could never escape by themselves (portal traps, bed traps, etc.).

Players should never need staff intervention to get out of a situation.

If you're not in a PvP enabled area, don't use other methods (lava, making a new claim, etc.) to kill someone.

PvP is off in that area for a reason. Please respect this.

Towns and Nations

You may only have up to 2 alternate accounts in Towns (not including a main account). You may not have more than 1 account as mayor of a Town.

This is to avoid people inflating their Towns or Nations to gain benefits such as extra claims. We allow a small amount of other accounts to be in Towns as that is reasonable. You are allowed to bring as many accounts as you'd like, but they must follow these restrictions.

Do not create a Town or claim land close to another Town just to block the other Town's growth. You are allowed to expand near/next to it if given permission by the original Town. Don't go out of your way to claim near their Town!

Making claims only to block the expansion of another Town is unnecessary and prevents users from creating cool structures within their area.

Odd Town claims, including large unfilled outlines or disconnected singular claims, are discouraged. Staff have the discretion to remove these claims if they are in a high demand area, are unused, or have a poor appearance on the map.

Players claiming new areas may find it difficult to build or find places to build if there are odd claims all over. These kinds of claims are often left unused, creating dead zones of activity in those areas.

Towns can be named anything as long as the name does not contain explicit language. However, we recommend naming them after real life places. If you go to Chicago, you expect to see Chicago, not EpicBurgerTown.

Naming Towns after real places goes toward our goal of keeping the server realistic.

Nations must be named after a formerly or currently existing nation, territory, major geographical feature, or large city in real life. You can add titles such as "Empire" to the name.

This is to keep our server mostly realistic.

Towns and Nation names shouldn't be so similar to another Town or Nation that someone could be confused between them ("Brit ai n" vs. "Brit ia n").

Names should be unique instead of copying another already existing name.

A Nation's name must be relevant to the Nation's capital's location.

The name of the Nation should be dependent on the capital location instead of anywhere in the world. The capital of Canada should not be in Mexico.