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Steve Cinema


Watch videos with your friends, be a DJ, talk to others with voicechat, PvP to your heart's content, start a war, play minigames, or just chill out. Steve Cinema is sure to entertain you.

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Be creative and build anything you want. MCPLOTS is all about creativity, building, and roleplay. You are able to build on large plots of land and use WorldEdit to make things easy. Our plot plugin has many custom features such as: Plot Warps, Plot Timers, Plot Broadcasts, Plot Visit Counter, and more. There is also an event system to allow you to host events other players can easily teleport to.

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MCATLAS hosts a 1:1000 scale replica of the Earth in Minecraft! You can create towns, form nations, build an empire or become a hobbit. There are real life ore deposits and live weather! It's a unique experience, even more fun with friends!

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Ruinscraft Hub

The Ruinscraft Hub is a place to connect all of the servers we offer. From here, you can join any of our servers including MCATLAS and MCPLOTS. There also happen to be some minigames and things to do!