Forum Rules

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Ruinscraft Forum Rules

Last changed at August 10 2021 22:30 UTC


Avoid "necroposting". AKA replying to very old (1+ year) threads.

Necroposting causes old threads to be pushed to the top of the forums section. This makes our forums become disorganized and cluttered for people who like to search for new discussions.

Avoid "spamposting".

Spamposting can mean creating a thread with no relevancy or topic or replying to an existing thread with no relavancy or topic. This creates an undesirable experience for users of the forum.


Do not advertise any products or services.

Advertisements create an undesirable experience for our users and may potentially solicit personal information.

You may post social media accounts as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

We allow you to post your social media accounts (such as YouTube, Twitter, etc). Please be mindful and protect your personal information.

General Etiquette

Do not post content which advocates violence or self harm.

We want all of our users to feel safe on our site. Advocation for violence goes against this.

Be respectful towards others. Don't attack someone just because your opinion differs from theirs.

We want our forum to be an enjoyable place to be. Being respectful avoids drama and keeps the discussion clean.

No harassing or bullying other users.

We wish to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment for all users. Inappropriate behavior toward other users is counterproductive to this goal. We define harassment as: posting or threatening to post anyone's personal information, targeting someone for their race/religion/ethnicity/sexuality, extreme "name-calling", requesting someone to inflict self harm, or stalking/repetitive nagging.

Do not upload, discuss, or post links to NSFW content. This includes videos, pictures, audio, text, profile pictures, etc.

It is important we keep our site appropriate for a large range of age groups, including younger children.

Do not use racial or sexual slurs.

Everyone is welcome to use our forum. Don't go trying to offend people.