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Link your Minecraft account

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Small new feature update!

You can now receive custom Sponsor badges on our website by linking your Minecraft account (you must have Sponsor to receive the badges).

To link your Minecraft account to your forum account:
  1. Login to any of our Minecraft servers
  2. Type /link forum
  3. Click the link sent in chat (if you aren't logged in to the forum, you'll be asked to login)
Your ranks will be automatically synced, even if they change in the future!

Ruinscraft Chat Update

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Hi all,

We've recoded our chat plugin to include some additional features noted below:

Chat Settings
Change your chat settings with /chat

You can do things like: enable the chat filter, only allow DM's from your friends, and mute any chat channel (such as global, plot chat, town chat, etc)

/nickname - Change your nickname (shows before your name).

This nickname will appear in any non-global chat. For example, plot chat, town chat, nation chat, etc

Name color (Sponsors only)
/namecolor - Change your name color

This changes your name color in any non-global chat. For example, plot chat, town chat, nation chat, etc

/list - Shows players on the server you're currently on as well as staff and your friends
/listall - Shows players on all servers as well as staff and friends

Blocking/Ignoring (works on all Ruinscraft servers)
You can block a player with /block <username> (or /ignore)

Blocking a player will prevent you from...

2020 Year in Review Results!

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Hello everyone,

Thank you all for participating in our 2020 Year in Review contest; we had an incredible turnout this year of nearly 70 votes! Here are the names of the winners of the contest:

Most famous player: kamiheartlemon
Most active in the Discord: _____3
Biggest troublemaker: paleles
Biggest meme: The Plan
Most likely to start an uprising: hallucinationman
Most friendly player: TheTrueMunchkin
Town / Nation most likely to turn communist: Soviet Union
Town / Nation most likely to start a religion: ae_sporte
Town / Nation most likely to start a world war: Eurasia
Prettiest town / nation: Japan (and various cities within Japan)
Player most likely to become a politician: Tie between Demadunk and GH5T!
Most active player on MCATLAS: JohannesMir3v
Most popular plot: dukesmart
Most interactive plot: Ahpl
Most impressive plot: Tie between IIIRommelIII and iu3ovb3fv4uh9ffn...

2020 Year in Review!

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[EDIT: Contest now closed as of January 9th]

Happy 2021, Ruinscraft!

Despite all the ups and downs of 2020, it's clear to see that one great thing has come out of this year. Ruinscraft has become filled with a great community of new members and familiar faces who have all bonded over the events of this past year.

To commemorate the wild ride of a year we have had, we are pleased to announce our third Ruinscraft Year in Review contest! Whether you are new or old, play MCPLOTS or MCATLAS, or play casually or competitively, this is your chance to choose the members of the community that made this year unique. Here's how to play:

Go to this website and enter the name that you think best fits the role for each question. For example:
Best owner: dukesmart
Best server: Ruinscraft

This year, we are doing things a little bit differently. There is a general category, an MCATLAS category, and an MCPLOTS category. If you don't play MCPLOTS, you can decide to just vote for...

2020 Build Competition Winners

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EDIT: World now available for download (includes document with plot coordinates)
World download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q8x-wuycJI8qNOO1DlVu3cyu6ySxvdRR/view?usp=sharing
Plot coordinates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qGkXdzGVkyajdRytAFGsCGirrMqV7ssW-UeAKmP_7v0/edit?usp=sharing

After enlisting 10 judges (staff and non-staff), we have calculated the winners for the 2020 Build Competition!

Here they are:
  1. aPandaOnceSaid
  2. Wyxcy
  3. JohannesMir3v
  4. OinkerCertified
  5. Snappy06
  6. Tajeks
  7. Saminochan
  8. Grimso04
  9. Electric4steel1
  10. din0sur
The rewards are:
1st place: $50 OR Ruinscraft Bundle
2nd place: $30 OR Ruinscraft Sponsor on any server of choice
3rd place: $30 OR Ruinscraft Sponsor on any server of choice
1st-10th place: Ruinscraft Stickers (we will mail you physical Ruinscraft stickers if you want them!)

Winners please contact an Admin via forums DM...