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MCAtlas Weekend War Results!

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Congratulations to THE PUMPKINS for winning the first Pumpkin vs. Melon war! The other side put up a strong fight, but lost ground in the end. Players online at the end of the war were given a memorialized pumpkin to commemorate the war.


Still want a pumpkin? You can still win one! Guess a number and have a chance to win:

As a prize for everyone after the war, we'd like to announce that 1.16 will be releasing on the server Wednesday, May 12th! The Nether will be reset for this update.

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A radical group known as THE MELONS have been causing UNJUSTNESS and been advocating for UNFAIR conditions in our server. An underdog group known as THE PUMPKINS have made themselves known and are fighting hard to restore peace.

WHO WILL WIN? Will THE MELONS continue to wreak havoc? Will THE PUMPKINS restore peace and tranquility?

Join MCATLAS immediately to fight! War ends Sunday night (EST).

Join a team with /joinwar
View war statistics with /warstats


  • Each team must try to capture as many towns as they can. You capture a town by having more of your team members in the town's claims than the opposing team.
  • Towns are captured when its score goes to 0
  • Check the online map to view which team controls which towns.
  • When you join a team, PVP is enabled EVERYWHERE...

Builder Applications Reopen

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We've reopened Builder Applications!

We're looking for active players with building experience who would be interested in working on new projects for Ruinscraft!

Apply now: https://ruinscraft.com/forums/builder-applications/

Chest Shops (MCATLAS)

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Chest Shops​

Hello all,

Thanks to long-time community member & friend, @ianfreakingb , we are able to introduce a custom Chest Shop experience to MCATLAS (internally known as DukesMart).

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with this new Chest Shop system.

How to Create a Chest Shop​

Creating your Chest Shop is easy. Follow these steps:
  1. Place a chest for your Chest Shop
  2. ***Lock your chest with a [Private] sign***
  3. Place another sign above or on the chest
  4. On the first line of the sign, type in "[buy]" (case-insensitive, without quotes).
  5. On the third line of the sign, type in the format "x for $y", where x is the quantity and yis the price.
    • For example, "5 for $8" means five of the item for $8
  6. If the sign is formatted correctly, the first line will turn purple, a white...

MCPLOTS 1.16 Update

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Hi everyone,

We've updated the server version of MCPLOTS to the latest 1.16.5. You can now use any blocks that were previously unable to be used from 1.14-1.16.

*Please note that you must now use a 1.16 Minecraft version to join the server. 1.13-1.15 is no longer supported.

Let us know if you run into any issues!