by dukesmart at 9:37 AM
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All store packages are 15% off until this Wednesday to celebrate July 4th!

by royalkingkb at 12:24 AM
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There is now an updated version of our creative trailer that you can watch on YouTube!

Watch it here:

by royalkingkb at 1:40 PM
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Good morning again!

I'd like to take a second to go over some new commands which I'm sure some of you already know about.

/event (creating events is a donator only feature)
With /event, you can create events, teleport to events, and customize your running events. All subcommands can be found with /event help.​
/localcolor (donator only feature)
With /localcolor, you can change the color of your name in chat whilst in /local. By typing just /localcolor, it will show you what your name currently looks like and the color codes you have available for choice.​
/plotsay (anyone can use)
/plotsay is a command that will allow you to broadcast messages with titles to everyone on your plot. You can use color and formatting codes within your messages to make them pop.
Thanks for playing on Ruinscraft!
by royalkingkb at 12:12 PM
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Good morning!

Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, this post will explain a little more about our bans reset. As I'm sure you guys have read in the previous post, the bans have been reset, but not 100%. If you have committed any act of chargeback or any other extreme serious offense, your ban will carry over to the new server. Any mutes, warnings, kicks, etc you may have received will also be reset. This does not mean that we cannot look back at the old bans/warnings/mutes/etc for staff applications, etc. We will keep the old records on hand. This also does not mean you are exempt in any way from being punished again. Our rules and punishments will stay the same from what they were previously. This means any hacking of any kind will receive a permanent ban.

Thank you!
by royalkingkb at 11:39 AM
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Good afternoon everyone,

I'd like to preface this by encouraging you to read this entire post, there are a lot of important details.

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately, both dukesmart and I have been so extremely busy with our obligations in the real world. We know the server has decreased in quality since the rushed 1.9 updates. Largely, this is due to an issue within Minecraft itself involving entity unloading, which has caused significant performance issues.

Because creative is our most popular server, it only makes sense that we dedicate much of our time to it. As such, dukesmart, myself, and the staff have decided to cut all servers but creative. All of this will take place in approximately 1 week. From then on, we will be a creative only server.

If you are mostly a creative player, this will be a very positive thing for you because we have been working on many new features for creative and will have more time to work on creative since we will have no other servers to upkeep. If you are not a creative player, we would like to thank you for keeping Ruinscraft such a fun place to be for so long. We know most of you who are not interested in creative will likely leave. This was a very hard decision for us to make. In the future, we will publish the factions world files for download.

On another note, we have decided to reset creative. We have increased the plot size from 100x100 to 225x225. This will allow for more than double what the plot size used to be. Also, we have already developed some other new features for creative to be excited for. We will make another announcement once the new creative has been released including all the details.

For all of you that may be banned for in-game specific reasons (not including chargebacks), you will be glad to know that we are clearing out our bans. This will not prevent you from being re-banned, re-muted, etc in the future.


Will I keep my VIP Tier?

Yes, all VIP Tiers will transfer over to the new creative server.

I donated for more plots on the old creative, will I get them on the new one?

Yes, your plot limit will be exactly the same as the old one.

Can I get a refund if I have donated and decide to stop playing?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds as stated in our Terms of Service which can be located here: https://ruinscraft.com/pages/terms-of-service/

Will rubies/votes transfer over?

For now, we are getting rid of voting all together. This means rubies will no longer exist.

Will there still be a hub? Where do I go when I first login?

There will no longer be a hub. You will spawn in the creative server (the only server). The spawn on the new creative server is our slightly older “mall” spawn.

Will my current plot be carried over to the new server?
No, we are completely resetting the creative server.

No, we have resolved the lag issues in 1.9.4.

Will pets/disguises be back?

Yes, all pets and disguises will be working on 1.9.4.


In about 1 week we will update to 1.9.4 and release the new creative server.

Thanks for playing on Ruinscraft

: If you are still confused, read https://ruinscraft.com/threads/important-ruinscraft-changes.6891/page-7#post-40258
by efusion4 at 8:27 PM
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Hello everyone! After looking through all of the plots that you guys have been building on the event server, we are ready to announce the winners for our build competition.

1st: WoahitsRyan ($30 store credit)

2nd: Cornboyz ($20 store credit)
3rd: Sinista_Happy ($10 store credit)

Congratulations to these three people for winning the build competition, and thanks to everyone who participated!
by dukesmart at 11:08 AM
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Good morning everyone,

Today, we are publishing the world files for the Main server, as requested by several players, because the server will likely be closed for an extended period of time. Please note that the world files are very large, and may take a long time to download.

world.zip (preferred): https://goo.gl/hkIHVX
world.zip (alternate): https://goo.gl/X56wOX
world_nether.zip (preferred): https://goo.gl/sOencw
world_nether.zip (alternate): https://goo.gl/GCDKXf
world_the_end.zip (preferred): https://goo.gl/20KJvf
world_the_end.zip (alternate): https://goo.gl/5ZxBev
by dukesmart at 10:03 AM
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Hey everyone,

We've decided to extend the deadline for the build competition to next Saturday, April 23! This is mainly because of repeated downtime we've had with the event. This should surely compensate for the time lost because of that.

Now you have extra time to refine your build!
by efusion4 at 2:13 AM
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Ruinscraft has been updated to Minecraft 1.9! Our newest features on our server should be coming out soon. Please be patient with us for now.

EDIT: We have temporarily closed the Main server, due to discontinued plugin support. We are searching for a replacement, and we will launch Main again as soon as possible.
EDIT 2: After receiving many complaints about the new 1.9 PvP system, we have installed a plugin that removes the 1.9 PvP system and re-adds the 1.8 PvP system. Please let us know if there are any problems with this plugin.
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