by royalkingkb at 2:41 PM
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You can now disable your local or global chat on creative to only hear chat from one channel. If you disable chat from the channel you are in, you will be switched to the other channel. To access this chat menu, type /menu and click on the "Chat settings."
by royalkingkb at 7:33 PM
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Quick update on how rubies work and what we plan for them:

As of right now, you can vote from any of our servers, or even if you are offline, and get 1 ruby per vote. These rubies are still only spendable in creative at the moment though /menu, but I am working hard to bring /menu to all of the other servers.

Current planned features for rubies:
  • Redeem codes for us (staff) to do random give aways on twitter/wherever
  • Multipliers for certain occasions (and possibly in the RC store)
  • Being able to obtain rubies in other ways than just voting (example: getting kills on kitpvp)
by royalkingkb at 4:28 AM
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Hey everyone! I've been working very hard to bring you guys some new features on our creative server. Right now, we have implemented a currency system which we call "rubies" on creative. You can view the rubies you have with /rubies and can earn them by voting. You get 1 ruby per vote. Rubies will be used to buy in game stuff on ALL of our servers. However, as a trial run and also as we are developing it, it is only available on creative (your rubies will be synced across servers from your current amount on creative). As of right now, you can purchase an entire extra plot for only 32 rubies! (32 votes) The way you access that is by typing /menu which also is a new feature and contains much more than just the ruby shop. Check all of the features of /menu out, they are pretty cool!

Okay, this is for you people that like to roleplay on creative: we have introduced /rpname. It allows you to set a name for yourself that will show up before your message when you type! Hope you guys like this!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates!
by royalkingkb at 3:37 PM
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You can now purchase an extra plot for $3 USD at Purchasing plots and other items in our store directly helps us pay our monthly server bills! We appreciate your donations!
by StupidDrew9 at 3:15 PM
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Hi guys! In celebration of July 4th, we are doing a 35% off sale on all items in our server store for the weekend. Go check it out! Ends on Monday, July 6th.
by royalkingkb at 12:43 PM
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We now allow any client 1.7/1.8 to join kitpvp. Come check it out!
by royalkingkb at 2:17 PM
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Hey guys! I have created a new resource pack for Ruinscraft based off of the resource pack Pixel Perfection. It includes all of the textures from Pixel Perfection as well as some minor tweaks. It also includes server specials such as 12 completely new records! Leave any feedback as a reply to this post. It is available for download here:

Minecraft 1.8:
Minecraft 1.9:
by StupidDrew9 at 2:26 PM
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You can now add a cover to your profile page!


You can change these by going to your profile tab on the top right.
by royalkingkb at 3:10 PM
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We have been listening to your feedback. After receiving complaints about bounty, we have decided to recreate our original kitpvp. The new map is a newer version of the first popular kitpvp map. The “bounty hunters” / “bounty” branding will be re-branded to the original “kitpvp.”

Here are some things you might be asking yourself:

"Will I keep my money?!?!??y!?!1/1/1/117111!11jlejkdhfah"
No. We are doing a complete reset this time around.
“Will I keep stuff in my enderchest??" No. Same as question #1.
“Will I keep my rank?” Yes, all ranks will be transferred over.
“I donated for money on bounty, will I keep that????” No, sorry. We are doing a complete reset this time around.
“I WANT TO SEE THE MAP WHERE IS IT?!?!!1!!!” It’s right here:

“OK. This sounds awesome. When will it be released??”
June 27th OR 28th, it is undecided at this time. (Follow us on twitter for more updates!
by royalkingkb at 3:00 AM
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Hey guys! I have developed a new chat system which allows for the use of "local" plot channels and a single "global" server channel. You can switch between the two with /local and /global. You must be on a plot for local to work. Only the players in that plot will be able hear what you say. While in global, everyone on the server can see what you say. We now enforce that roleplays/plot events/skin contests/build contests/etc to be hosted in local chat. If seen using global chat for such events, then you will be told to switch. Also, the same rules for local chat still apply. However, we will be more relaxed on spamming (only in /local). You are free to send messages repeatedly on a plot in local chat if you wish (people still can report you if they don't want you to). Let us know if you find any bugs.
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