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From today until Monday, June 26, we will be having a 20% Summer Sale on all packages in our webstore! As summer is now here for everyone, we wished to start it off with a small sale.

We hope everyone has a great summer!

Visit our webstore at donate.ruinscraft.com!

Also, make sure to join our Discord at discord.gg/srSSSgJ! It's been lots of fun since we've updated it.
by StupidDrew9 at 5:47 PM
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Good afternoon!

I'd like to preface this post by letting you all know that we have huge plans in the works. We can't wait to show you guys what we've been working on, these projects have been in the works for quite a while.

First off, we have updated our Creative Plots server spawn! Thank you to the Ruinscraft Build Team for their hard work on this huge project. Our previous spawn was noticeably outdated - work was started on it in late 2013. It's been quite a while. With spring here, and our many new plans for the server coming up, we decided to give our Plots server a new and updated look. We hope you like it.

Speaking of spring, it's been a while since our last sale, hasn't it? I'm happy to announce our one week spring sale! All packages will be 20% off until Monday, May 8.

As I stated earlier, we have a lot of projects we're working on. The main project you may be thinking about is Creative Infinite. We have tons of plans for it, but not everything is set in stone - however, we can tell you that it will be much more convenient for builders, and that users who enjoyed our former Main server will very likely enjoy this new server. We're sure that anyone who currently plays our Plots server will love Creative Infinite.

Another thing to mention - we have a major Skyblock update in the works! We can't say everything at the moment, but this update will include much more interaction with other players, and many more features for progressed users. The update will be a very large revamp of current features. We have lots of plans for Skyblock, as it has a huge amount of potential.

Thanks for reading! We're very much looking forward to the rest of the year.
by royalkingkb at 3:20 PM
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Today, we have re-implemented our classic bounty kill reward plugin. The plugin allows you to set bounties on other players and gain a bounty for killing other players.

Here is the list of commands offered by our bounty system. You can obtain this help menu by using /bounty help.

On the right hand scoreboard, you will see the top 5 revenues of online players.

By default, you will get $4 for killing a player. Every kill a player gets, the amount goes up by $2. For example: if I kill 2 players, my bounty will now be $8.
by royalkingkb at 7:19 PM
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Good afternoon all,

This morning we re-enabled the //stack, //copy, and //paste commands on our creative Minecraft server.

The exploit used involved items such as redstone, carpet, cactus, and any block that drops an item when broken. Basically, people could create massive amounts of cactus (or whatever block that applies) with //stack and then break one and it would break them all. This would create a massive amount of entities all at once, overloading the server.

We have fixed this issue by limiting the amount of entities that can be created per chunk per tick update. This allows cactus, carpets, etc to still be stacked, but if you break them, they will not crash the server or lag your client.

If you find any exploits such as this one, please message a staff member.

We hope you all enjoy WorldEdit'ing freely once more,

Your friends at Ruinscraft.
by royalkingkb at 1:44 AM
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Recently, there have been numerous crashes on our creative Minecraft server. This has been due to an exploit in the WorldEdit plugin we use. Specifically, the //stack, //copy, and //paste commands.

In effort to stop the crashing of the server, we have temporarily disabled the commands until we can fix the specific issues regarding them.

We hope you won't be too terribly upset with us, as we hope to have these commands re-enabled within a few days.

We will update you guys on when we fix the issue and what has been changed. We will release a lot more details on why this was a necessary action in a later post.

Thank you.
by royalkingkb at 4:58 PM
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Good afternoon,

Today I would like to talk about our KitPvP server and the recent issues we have been having with specifically Ender Chests functioning correctly.

If you play on KitPvP, you might have noticed some funky stuff going on with your Ender Chest data. If you are not familiar with what has been happening, Ender Chest data has disappeared, been altered, and not saved correctly ever since the launch of the KitPvP server.

We have tried our best to combat this issue and work towards a solution that provides rock solid server performance, data reliability, and the smoothest operations possible.

The Bukkit plugin we choose to use for this release of KitPvP (I am not going to mention the name, however many of you probably know anyhow) has been unreliable and, as previously described, has caused many data issues in the past.

Just today, the plugin has caused the Ender Chest data on KitPvP to become inaccessible.

I would like to be as transparent as possible with why this has happened because I am sure many of you are not satisfied with the Ruinscraft organization, its staff, and performance because of this.

Explanation of why this happened:

For the technically inclined:

When we launched the KitPvP server, we overlooked that the plugin supported the use of a SQL based database. Providing much performance increases and reliability versus a flat-file based configuration.

We used the flat-file configuration for the first couple of days unaware that we would run into serious issues down the road. As the number of players increased and the data began to grow, our problems with flat-file storage began to arise.

We looked into the plugin's configuration and realized that it supported a SQL based database. This is completely at the fault of the Ruinscraft administrators and developers who configured the plugin before the launch of KitPvP. A SQL database configuration should have been at the use from the start. We soon switched over to the SQL database configuration and, as a result, caused a loss of Ender Chest data. It is possible that the plugin would function a lot more sanely than if it were not have been transferred from flat-file to a SQL database.

Recently, the plugin has been performing unintentional operations with the data. We believe this to be at fault of the plugin and not the Ruinscraft administrators and developers. Regardless to say, we still take all the blame for the loss of data as it is our responsibility to accurately test and develop a server which is reliable, secure, and performant to our needs.

For the non-technically inclined:

We used a somewhat poorly designed plugin and configured it incorrectly. We will be switching to a new plugin in which the data formats are completely different. The data from the old plugin is somewhat "corrupt." A lot of Ender Chest data was not saved.

What will happen next:

Our admin team (dukesmart, StupidDrew9, efusion4, and I) have all tried recovery methods for the data. It came down to having to just use a new plugin. Ender Chest data will be lost. We are completely apologetic and realize that it is mostly at the fault of Ruinscraft. We are switching to a known reliable Ender Chest plugin we previously used on our legacy KitPvP server (2014). The plugin has been since maintained and is extremely reliable.


Q: Why are you using an Ender Chest plugin? Doesn't Minecraft just support Ender Chests?
A: Yes, Minecraft supports Ender Chests. Minecraft does not, however, support the larger Ender Chest sizes we offer to Tiered players.

Q: Will I loose everything in my Ender Chest?
A: Yes, unfortunately. We sincerely apologize and promise to not let this situation take fold again in the future.

Q: Can I get my stuff back?
A: We realize your frustration. We really do. We understand that you worked hard at earning your stuff. We know how your trust with us has been hindered. For the fairness of...
by StupidDrew9 at 3:13 PM
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Congrats to the winners of the Cloudy Visions event!

1st: stgclilly
2nd: JetTG
3rd: LakeTahoe

Thanks to everyone who joined in the event!


Hey guys,

Today is the start of something special that we’re hoping to do often. I’m excited to announce a brand new Skyblock event, titled Cloudy Visions!

In Cloudy Visions, you are given 8 days to build your own fantasy Skyblock island from scratch. Think of it like constructing the most beautiful starting island that you could possibly survive on. You could edit your spawn island to make it however beautiful you want it, or you could simply build your own fantasy island. The island can be any size and shape you want, as long as it is natural and beautiful.

To create the natural beauty your island will require, you will have to collect supplies in the Skyblock manner - by completing challenges, farming materials, and buying items at the shop - making it a unique experience to collect the supplies necessary to make a natural, beautiful island.

This challenge will last from Saturday, January 28th to Sunday, February 5th, giving you 8 days to perfect your custom island. Anyone who joins beginning Jan. 28th will be entered into the contest. You do not have to reset your island to join the contest, you can build your fantasy island with your other builds. Rewards will only go towards one person - if multiple people construct one island, the island owner will receive credit. You can only build or help build a single island. If someone constructs multiple islands for their friends, or cheats in any way, they will be disqualified. Winners will be announced in the afternoon Sunday!

1st place rewards:
1 Nether Star
$25,000 ingame money
$25 store credit

2nd place rewards:
$15,000 ingame money
$15 store credit

3rd place rewards:
$8,000 ingame money
$10 store credit

Good luck, and let your cloudy visions become reality!
by StupidDrew9 at 1:44 AM
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For a while, we've wanted to give something more to our donators. They are the ones who keep our server up and running, and we appreciate them dearly for what they've done for us.

As a result, we've spent a significant amount of time to revamp our donation tiers. We hope you will like what we have added. New features include merging of plots, new kits, more plot customization, generation of natural biomes, and more!

We also would like to introduce our new VIP8 rank!

These new features will go into effect on Saturday, January 7th. For now, you can preorder our VIP8 rank while the sale and charity goal are still going on. This is a purely cosmetic rank (you will have the name and nothing else) until our release on January 7th.

Thanks for playing, and happy new year!
by Grantdrew at 3:58 PM
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Another year has passed on Ruinscraft! To celebrate our upcoming Christmas and New Years holiday, we've placed a 50% off sale on all packages from today to Monday, January 2, 2017!

Visit our Donation page!

Follow us on Twitter for updates on the server!
Check us out on Facebook!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! =D
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Merry Christmas everybody!

Last year, we raised an astounding $622.50 for Toys for Tots, a charity that brings toys to children in need during the holiday season. This year, we have chosen to do another charity event for Child's Play Charity. Child's Play improves the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through video games. We commit to donating 20% of any purchases in our webstore though January 1st! Our goal is to raise $300 to be donated to Child's Play. If we can reach this goal, we will be re-launching KitPVP back to Ruinscraft!

I encourage everyone to participate or even donate on your own. Let's do some good this holiday season. As always, keep in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Read about our recent downtime at https://ruinscraft.com/threads/recent-downtime.9855/
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