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Hey everyone,

It's Easter weekend! For the occasion, everything in our store at donate.ruinscraft.com is 20% off until Monday, April 22nd. We hope the Easter Bunny gives you candy too.

Happy Easter!
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Update: After noticing that it was April 1st, and after some further consideration, we decided to cancel our server move. We'll keep pushing on toward 1.13, I guess...

Map download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RJLgq2qYok5xPlbd0-c8rPoXNeQCM17s/view?usp=sharing


Over the months, we have been working steadily to bring 1.13 to Ruinscraft. Recently, however, we have located multiple vulnerabilities within 1.13 which limit our server’s functionality, such as lag, chunk corruption, and dolphins. Alike, we still have many users upset over the 1.9 Combat Update, and 1.13 does us no good in this regard.

After plenty of thought as to how to fix this solution, we’ve made a perfect deal. Our server will be going back to the version the server first ran on: version Beta 1.7.3, released July 2011!

We decided to have a completely fresh start for this server, and we have created a new address you need to use to connect (after you switch to Beta 1.7.3). The new address is
ruinscraft.net Make sure not to confuse this with our old server which is ruinscraft.com

Here's a screenshot of our server currently:

Will I lose my builds? No, we won't be removing our old 1.12 server, but we recommend you come to our brand new Beta 1.7.3 server from 2011 for a brand new start!
How do I join? We have a step by step tutorial for you right here!

First off, you’ll want to click the “Launch options” button from your Minecraft launcher.


Next, you’ll enable the “Historical versions” option within that panel.

After that, begin creating a new launch option with the “Add new” button.

Scroll until you find
old_beta b1.7.3, and select it. Name it whatever you want, and click “Save”.

Now, you’re good to go! Click the green arrow next to the “Play” button, and select the profile you created.


If you ever want to go back to 1.12 or 1.13 (I don’t see why you would), you can simply click the green arrow next to the “Play” button again and select a different profile.

See you on the server!
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Hello all,

We have finally determined the winners of all the titles in our 2018 Ruinscraft Yearbook Contest! Without any further ado, the winners of each category are as follows...

Most famous player - dukesmart
Most active on the Discord - MasterGameboi
Most likely to break an arm while dabbing - JetTG
Most likely to narrate a documentary based on Ruinscraft - NinjaFireWarrior
Most likely to survive the Hunger Games - yitzhaki
Most likely to be able to quote the entire script of Star Wars - StarWars_Cullen
Most likely to win Fortnite Battle Royale - ducksmart
Most involved in pop culture - alreadytracerr
Most talkative - Vena_Cava_
Hosts the best events / roleplays - Byre_Cullen
Least likely to break a rule - eoat
Life of the party - Mariomikester
Biggest meme - XigolIsDead
Best builder - stgclilly
Iconic duo - __north and __south
Group most likely to take over Ruinscraft - The Cullens

Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this contest and congratulations to all the winners! We're curious to see which players uphold these titles through 2019 and which ones change face throughout the year. Happy 2019 everyone!
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(Edit: The contest is now closed as of January 8th, 2019. Thank you all for participating, the results will be released soon!)

Happy 2019, Ruinscraft!

To kick off the New Year, we are hosting a special event that will allow you to vote for players that fit the role of the life of the party, the iconic duo, the best roleplay host, and more!

How to Vote:
Go to this website and simply enter the username of the player that you think best fits the role for each question.
For example:
Best Owner - dukesmart
Best Dabber - JetTG

Rules & Guidelines:
- Use your votes wisely, as a player can only win one title. This will be the title that they collected the most votes for.
- Please enter one username per question, unless you are asked to add more.
- The contest will close Tuesday, January 8th.
- You don't have to answer all the questions if you're not sure which user would best fit that title.
- The winners will not receive any prizes of monetary value.
- Have fun! Remember that it is not a popularity contest and is all in good fun.

Happy New Year, everyone! Good luck!
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Update Dec 18:
Everything on donate.ruinscraft.com is 50% off until Jan 2!

Hey all,

Our hub has been updated with the spirit of the holidays! Check it out.

Elves have been hidden around each server (Hub, Plots, Infinite, and Skyblock) possessing different holiday-themed Powders for you to collect (Powders are particles, pictures, songs, etc that you can play!). These include over 20 various holiday items, as well as over half a dozen songs. If you spot a creature that looks like this, you've found an elf (right click them for your Powder):

Good luck on Powder hunting! If you haven't found them once the season ends, you'll never be able to find them again!!!

Happy Holidays,
Your friends at Ruinscraft
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We have been developing a new chat system which is currently in place on our Minecraft servers. It will look and feel very similar to how the chat system has been previously. However, there are some major changes which needs to be listed:
  • Default chat is "global" which shows on all servers
    • Focus this channel with /global
    • A green [G] represents players who are on the same server as you
    • A grey [G] represents players who are not on the same server as you
  • "local" chat has been implemented on all servers. Who it displays to depends on the server context.
    • Focus this channel with /local
    • local chat on hub will show to everyone on hub
    • local chat on skyblock will show to everyone on skyblock
    • local chat on infinite will show to everyone on infinite
    • local chat on plots will show to only players in your plot
    • You may use a nickname/rpname in local chat
      • Set a nickname/rpname with /nickname <name>
      • Reset a nickname/rpname with /nicknamereset
    • Donators may change their name color with localcolor
      • Set your name color with /localcolor <colorcode>
      • Reset your name color with /localcolorreset
  • Ignoring players has been implemented
    • Ignore or unignore (toggle) a username/UUID with /ignore <username/uuid>
    • Show the users you are ignoring with /ignore
    • Ignoring a player will hide their chat in any chat channel including private messages
  • You may mute or unmute chat channels (global, local, or private messages) with /chat
As always, let us know of any issues or feedback you may have. More features are still to come.
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Thanksgiving is approaching for all of our American players! We are very thankful for all the wonderful players who come around and create everlasting memories!

For the occasion, we will be offering 15% off on anything in donate.ruinscraft.com until Sunday, November 25th.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Update (Oct. 30):
We are now having a 20% off Halloween Sale through Saturday, Nov. 3rd!

Update (Oct. 31):
You can find 5 more (spooky) Powder songs on hub until Saturday, Nov. 3rd!

Hi everyone!

Halloween is right around the corner!

For the occasion, the hub server has been remodeled with a touch of spookiness you won't want to miss. You can gather limited edition Powders (particle effects, music, and more) from NPCs around the map (see if you can find them all). Each NPC gives out a different Powder. You can't trick-or-treat without a costume. Make sure to get one from the Costume Selector first!

Come trick-or-treating!

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Hello everyone!

It has come time to announce the winners of our 2018 Ruinscraft Art Contest! Although the competition was fierce, our judges were able to come to a decision and pick our three winners, along with two honorable mentions. Before announcing the winners, we will go over how each entry was scored.

Each entry was scored based on three different categories. They are as follows:

  • Creativity & Uniqueness: Participants were scored out of 30 on the creativity of their piece.

  • Look & Aesthetic: Participants were scored out of 30 on the overall look of their piece.

  • Overall Impressions: Participants were scored out of 30 on the judges’ overall impression of the work.

And finally, here are the winners of the 2018 Ruinscraft Art Contest:

1st place: xXBluemonXx

2nd place: Abombies

3rd place: Bemix

Along with our two honorable mentions: Abombies, and Zan3yPlayZ.
Each placed winner will receive store credit at donate.ruinscraft.com, and all placed winners and honorable mentions will receive a special powder in-game. Please contact an admin to receive your prizes.

Thanks to all the participants of our very first art contest! We were impressed by every entry. It was a great display of all the hidden talent we have on Ruinscraft! We hope to be hosting another art contest soon.


1st Place - xXBluemonXx

In this stylistic piece, xXBluemonXx captures a stunning evening on the Ruinscraft Plots server. As the deep oranges of the sky make their way across the landscape, a player stands proudly in front of their build. xXBluemonXx uses perspective and angles to create depth to their art, and uses a very textured brush while incorporating beautiful gold, pink, and purple tones to the art piece.

2nd Place - Abombies


Abombies showcases a cubic build of a pond, using brilliant colors and dimension to bring realism into the piece. This piece is reminiscent of a warm spring day, as you venture along a path leading past a crystal pond. Abombies creates beautiful depth within this composition!

3rd Place - Bemix


Bemix creates fan-art of one of our admins, @StupidDrew9! Bemix takes a geometric and whimsical approach to this piece, showing StupidDrew9 watch over the Ruinscraft Plots server and hold a Ruinscraft wand. Bemix submitted a unique and colorful composition, earning them a placed victory!

Honorable Mention - Zan3yPlayZ


Zan3yPlayZ shows off some more staff fan art, this time including @StupidDrew9 and @Malakki! Zan3yPlayZ displays a scary alternate reality in which the two staff are evil cyborgs, creepily hinting that they know something... This creative piece takes a surreal-horror approach on the Ruinscraft theme!

Honorable Mention - Abombies


In another cubic piece by Abombies, we catch a look at a mountainous landscape, with shimmering falls. This piece displays dusty red peaks, intertwined with vines. Abombies uses vibrant colors and shading to bring life to the composition.
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UPDATE (09/22/18): The contest is now closed and judging will take place until September 29th. Expect results to be posted shortly after that date. Thank you to all of our participants!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that from September 1st to 22nd, we will be hosting our very first Ruinscraft Art Contest. This contest will put your creative skills to the test as we judge your art on the topic of Ruinscraft. You can submit art that showcases your unique memories and experiences on Ruinscraft, a new logo, or anything else that fits into the theme! All mediums are allowed, but we will not be accepting screenshots or photography. The judges will score and decide the winners based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, along with honorable mentions.

When: The contest will be hosted from September 1st to 22nd, with one week to judge (23rd - 30th).

Guidelines: We have a few basic rules that you must follow in order to be considered.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Do not copy or steal art from others. Your submission will be removed and your entry may be restricted.
  • Do not submit inappropriate or blank art.
  • Entries are limited to 3 per person.
  • Do not submit the same piece more than once for a better chance. All entries are judged individually, and art submitted more than once will not be judged.
  • All mediums of visual art are allowed; this includes traditional, acrylic, watercolor, etc.
  • You must follow the theme.
  • If your art is drawn on paper or canvas, make sure you take a photo of it in a well-lit space.
How to Enter: Your pieces must be submitted through this Google Form. In this Google Form, you will upload your photo and have the option to select whether or not it should be showcased in a gallery on forums.
** Disclaimer : Ruinscraft will not claim to own your art if you choose that it should be displayed in the gallery.


What do I win?:
If you win 1st place, you will get $30 USD store credit for anything on our donation page.
If you win 2nd place, you will get $20 USD store credit for anything on our donation page.
If you win 3rd place, you will get $10 USD store credit for anything on our donation page.
All placed winners and honorable mentions will receive a select powder in game, and their art displayed on forums.

How will we be judged?:
You will be judged on 3 different categories by 3 judges. These categories are:
  • Creativity and Uniqueness ( ~/30 )
  • Overall Look and Aesthetic ( ~/30 )
  • Overall Impression of the Work ( ~/30 )
Is digital art allowed?:
Yes, as long as it fits into our guidelines mentioned above.

What is plagiarism?:
Plagiarism is stealing or copying someone’s work and claiming it as your own. We take this very seriously, so if you are caught plagiarizing, your submission(s) will be removed and you will not be able to enter the contest.

We hope to see your art in our contest!
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