by royalkingkb at 6:33 PM
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MCAtlas will be offline for roughly 8-12 hours on Thursday, Dec. 12.

We will be performing necessary updates and data conversion to allow us to add new features and update our plugins (such as Towny). Backups will be made to ensure data is safe if update operations fail. We apologize for the downtime but it will be ultimately very beneficial for the future of MCAtlas.

Thank you

EDIT: Maintenance is complete
by StupidDrew9 at 6:59 PM
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Hi all,

There's been several changes and updates on MCAtlas over the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share:

  • Old locks and locks in the wilderness can now be broken! Locks can no longer be placed in the wilderness, and must be in a Town
  • Town owners can handle locked chests more easily by breaking any lock within their Town
  • [town name] can be added to a lock to allow any Town access to the container. For example: [Berlin]
  • Exploits with locks have been fixed, such as using hoppers to pull items or placing locks in restricted areas
  • /near has been added to show players near you
  • /seen now shows how long a player has been online
  • You can type /suicide more often now!

The map at has been updated!

Town colors have been updated to show better information, and the info boxes are more condensed with more information as well.
Blue border: Part of a Nation
Green border: Not part of a Nation
Red border: Closed to the public (by teleport)
Red interior: PvP is enabled
Blue interior: No PvP​

  • Several rules have been updated. We recommend to look through them at
  • /dab has finally ended! Top 15 dabbers have been given a Discord role, a "Dabber" powder, and an armor stand disguise! Top 5 have been given $10 in store credit, along with those perks. JetTG, our top dabber who dabbed a total of 8355 times (equal to 348 days of nonstop dabbing), has been given his own "JetDabber" powder.
  • Mob rates have been increased by about 50%
  • Town claims have been increased by 20-50% if you have 5 or more players
  • A Powder hunt has been ongoing -- it ends tonight, so hurry and find yourself some Powders! Type /clues on MCAtlas for more info
This information has all been posted already on our Discord, and you will be updated on information sooner if you join it! You can talk to over 2000 of our members as well.
by dukesmart at 1:57 PM
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Happy Halloween!

Everything in our webstore is 25% off until Nov. 1st! Make a purchase and get access to two exclusive powders!
/pow GhostEmoji
/pow CobwebEmoji

As a bonus, every player that logs in from now until Nov 1st will have access to a special powder!
/pow PumpkinEmoji

Follow us on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
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We've been working hard to ensure Ruinscraft stays relevant in the ever changing Minecraft server ecosystem. It's tough to develop a play experience which keeps new players coming in and old players coming back. We've developed a taste for what's good, and we're going to use that to make Ruinscraft better.

Say hello to MCAtlas, a Minecraft server of the Earth. We're devoted to make this a unique experience that will be intriguing to new users who may have never played a Ruinscraft server before. We'd like to make it clear that MCAtlas is very much a Ruinscraft server. Although, for gameplay’s sake, it will have some separation.

MCAtlas is centered around a realistic 1:1000 scale map of the Earth. As a player in survival mode, you can join a town and work with others to grow your domain, or you can go alone and form your own village. Form nations, create and crumble alliances, or go to war. Gold is the primary currency of the server, so mining and trading it is essential. Please make yourself familiar with the rules which can be found on the MCAtlas website (link below).

The website
MCAtlas will have a separate website for gameplay purposes. It will contain features such as: viewing current economy statistics of the server, viewing a live map of the server, viewing Towny statistics, voting for the server (to get gold!), a listing of the rules, and more.

Visit the website:

When MCAtlas is released, you will be able to connect to it in a couple different ways. First, you will be able to join the MCAtlas server with the portal on the Ruinscraft Hub or with the command /mcatlas. Second, because we want to make it easy for new players to understand how to join, we have created a new address which you can use to skip the Hub and directly join the MCAtlas server: (this makes it easy for you to invite people too)! MCAtlas is a 1.13 server, but you will be able to connect with the usual Ruinscraft supported Minecraft versions, 1.12-1.14.

Our goal for MCAtlas is to be fresh and inviting to new players. To embrace this, the server will not have the same donator ranks as our other servers. Any previous purchaser of a Ruinscraft VIP Tier will automatically receive the MCAtlas donator rank (there will be only one) free for lifetime*. We REALLY appreciate our donors. We couldn’t run any of this without you all.

*In order to receive the MCAtlas donator rank for free, you must have purchased any Ruinscraft VIP Tier before the time of this announcement (if you’re reading this, it’s too late).

In order to figure out what benefits the donator rank should have in order to be desirable and fair, it will start with no benefits other than a prefix and possibly other chat cosmetics. The rank will not be for purchase until some time after the server launches.

Launch date
MCAtlas is ready to go, are you? We are launching the server one week from today, on July 1st!

Other Ruinscraft updates
The update to 1.13 for our Plots server last month was a success. It took the hard work of many, many developers in the Minecraft community to pull it off. Notably FastAsyncWorldEdit and PlotSquared (and our modified version of it) were huge undertakings. A few minor issues are still being resolved, but just about everything is now operating as it should on our Plots server. You can view the remaining 1.13 related issues here.

Our new hub has been received well. We are aware of a FPS stuttering issue on 1.14; hopefully we can resolve this soon. It is recommended to use 1.12.2 or 1.13.2 on our servers.

See you on the server!
by royalkingkb at 6:25 PM
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A new hub has been teleported into Ruinscraft from the future! We hope you like it!
by StupidDrew9 at 10:05 PM
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Hey everyone,

It's Easter weekend! For the occasion, everything in our store at is 20% off until Monday, April 22nd. We hope the Easter Bunny gives you candy too.

Happy Easter!
by StupidDrew9 at 6:29 PM
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Update: After noticing that it was April 1st, and after some further consideration, we decided to cancel our server move. We'll keep pushing on toward 1.13, I guess...

Map download:


Over the months, we have been working steadily to bring 1.13 to Ruinscraft. Recently, however, we have located multiple vulnerabilities within 1.13 which limit our server’s functionality, such as lag, chunk corruption, and dolphins. Alike, we still have many users upset over the 1.9 Combat Update, and 1.13 does us no good in this regard.

After plenty of thought as to how to fix this solution, we’ve made a perfect deal. Our server will be going back to the version the server first ran on: version Beta 1.7.3, released July 2011!

We decided to have a completely fresh start for this server, and we have created a new address you need to use to connect (after you switch to Beta 1.7.3). The new address is Make sure not to confuse this with our old server which is

Here's a screenshot of our server currently:

Will I lose my builds? No, we won't be removing our old 1.12 server, but we recommend you come to our brand new Beta 1.7.3 server from 2011 for a brand new start!
How do I join? We have a step by step tutorial for you right here!

First off, you’ll want to click the “Launch options” button from your Minecraft launcher.


Next, you’ll enable the “Historical versions” option within that panel.

After that, begin creating a new launch option with the “Add new” button.

Scroll until you find
old_beta b1.7.3, and select it. Name it whatever you want, and click “Save”.

Now, you’re good to go! Click the green arrow next to the “Play” button, and select the profile you created.


If you ever want to go back to 1.12 or 1.13 (I don’t see why you would), you can simply click the green arrow next to the “Play” button again and select a different profile.

See you on the server!
by northikoto at 2:17 PM
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Hello all,

We have finally determined the winners of all the titles in our 2018 Ruinscraft Yearbook Contest! Without any further ado, the winners of each category are as follows...

Most famous player - dukesmart
Most active on the Discord - MasterGameboi
Most likely to break an arm while dabbing - JetTG
Most likely to narrate a documentary based on Ruinscraft - NinjaFireWarrior
Most likely to survive the Hunger Games - yitzhaki
Most likely to be able to quote the entire script of Star Wars - StarWars_Cullen
Most likely to win Fortnite Battle Royale - ducksmart
Most involved in pop culture - alreadytracerr
Most talkative - Vena_Cava_
Hosts the best events / roleplays - Byre_Cullen
Least likely to break a rule - eoat
Life of the party - Mariomikester
Biggest meme - XigolIsDead
Best builder - stgclilly
Iconic duo - __north and __south
Group most likely to take over Ruinscraft - The Cullens

Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this contest and congratulations to all the winners! We're curious to see which players uphold these titles through 2019 and which ones change face throughout the year. Happy 2019 everyone!
by northikoto at 4:56 PM
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(Edit: The contest is now closed as of January 8th, 2019. Thank you all for participating, the results will be released soon!)

Happy 2019, Ruinscraft!

To kick off the New Year, we are hosting a special event that will allow you to vote for players that fit the role of the life of the party, the iconic duo, the best roleplay host, and more!

How to Vote:
Go to this website and simply enter the username of the player that you think best fits the role for each question.
For example:
Best Owner - dukesmart
Best Dabber - JetTG

Rules & Guidelines:
- Use your votes wisely, as a player can only win one title. This will be the title that they collected the most votes for.
- Please enter one username per question, unless you are asked to add more.
- The contest will close Tuesday, January 8th.
- You don't have to answer all the questions if you're not sure which user would best fit that title.
- The winners will not receive any prizes of monetary value.
- Have fun! Remember that it is not a popularity contest and is all in good fun.

Happy New Year, everyone! Good luck!
by StupidDrew9 at 3:02 AM
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Update Dec 18:
Everything on is 50% off until Jan 2!

Hey all,

Our hub has been updated with the spirit of the holidays! Check it out.

Elves have been hidden around each server (Hub, Plots, Infinite, and Skyblock) possessing different holiday-themed Powders for you to collect (Powders are particles, pictures, songs, etc that you can play!). These include over 20 various holiday items, as well as over half a dozen songs. If you spot a creature that looks like this, you've found an elf (right click them for your Powder):

Good luck on Powder hunting! If you haven't found them once the season ends, you'll never be able to find them again!!!

Happy Holidays,
Your friends at Ruinscraft
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