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Hello everyone!

It has come time to announce the winners of our 2018 Ruinscraft Art Contest! Although the competition was fierce, our judges were able to come to a decision and pick our three winners, along with two honorable mentions. Before announcing the winners, we will go over how each entry was scored.

Each entry was scored based on three different categories. They are as follows:

  • Creativity & Uniqueness: Participants were scored out of 30 on the creativity of their piece.

  • Look & Aesthetic: Participants were scored out of 30 on the overall look of their piece.

  • Overall Impressions: Participants were scored out of 30 on the judges’ overall impression of the work.

And finally, here are the winners of the 2018 Ruinscraft Art Contest:

1st place: xXBluemonXx

2nd place: Abombies

3rd place: Bemix

Along with our two honorable mentions: Abombies, and Zan3yPlayZ.
Each placed winner will receive store credit at donate.ruinscraft.com, and all placed winners and honorable mentions will receive a special powder in-game. Please contact an admin to receive your prizes.

Thanks to all the participants of our very first art contest! We were impressed by every entry. It was a great display of all the hidden talent we have on Ruinscraft! We hope to be hosting another art contest soon.


1st Place - xXBluemonXx

In this stylistic piece, xXBluemonXx captures a stunning evening on the Ruinscraft Plots server. As the deep oranges of the sky make their way across the landscape, a player stands proudly in front of their build. xXBluemonXx uses perspective and angles to create depth to their art, and uses a very textured brush while incorporating beautiful gold, pink, and purple tones to the art piece.

2nd Place - Abombies


Abombies showcases a cubic build of a pond, using brilliant colors and dimension to bring realism into the piece. This piece is reminiscent of a warm spring day, as you venture along a path leading past a crystal pond. Abombies creates beautiful depth within this composition!

3rd Place - Bemix


Bemix creates fan-art of one of our admins, @StupidDrew9! Bemix takes a geometric and whimsical approach to this piece, showing StupidDrew9 watch over the Ruinscraft Plots server and hold a Ruinscraft wand. Bemix submitted a unique and colorful composition, earning them a placed victory!

Honorable Mention - Zan3yPlayZ


Zan3yPlayZ shows off some more staff fan art, this time including @StupidDrew9 and @Malakki! Zan3yPlayZ displays a scary alternate reality in which the two staff are evil cyborgs, creepily hinting that they know something... This creative piece takes a surreal-horror approach on the Ruinscraft theme!

Honorable Mention - Abombies


In another cubic piece by Abombies, we catch a look at a mountainous landscape, with shimmering falls. This piece displays dusty red peaks, intertwined with vines. Abombies uses vibrant colors and shading to bring life to the composition.
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UPDATE (09/22/18): The contest is now closed and judging will take place until September 29th. Expect results to be posted shortly after that date. Thank you to all of our participants!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that from September 1st to 22nd, we will be hosting our very first Ruinscraft Art Contest. This contest will put your creative skills to the test as we judge your art on the topic of Ruinscraft. You can submit art that showcases your unique memories and experiences on Ruinscraft, a new logo, or anything else that fits into the theme! All mediums are allowed, but we will not be accepting screenshots or photography. The judges will score and decide the winners based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, along with honorable mentions.

When: The contest will be hosted from September 1st to 22nd, with one week to judge (23rd - 30th).

Guidelines: We have a few basic rules that you must follow in order to be considered.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Do not copy or steal art from others. Your submission will be removed and your entry may be restricted.
  • Do not submit inappropriate or blank art.
  • Entries are limited to 3 per person.
  • Do not submit the same piece more than once for a better chance. All entries are judged individually, and art submitted more than once will not be judged.
  • All mediums of visual art are allowed; this includes traditional, acrylic, watercolor, etc.
  • You must follow the theme.
  • If your art is drawn on paper or canvas, make sure you take a photo of it in a well-lit space.
How to Enter: Your pieces must be submitted through this Google Form. In this Google Form, you will upload your photo and have the option to select whether or not it should be showcased in a gallery on forums.
** Disclaimer : Ruinscraft will not claim to own your art if you choose that it should be displayed in the gallery.


What do I win?:
If you win 1st place, you will get $30 USD store credit for anything on our donation page.
If you win 2nd place, you will get $20 USD store credit for anything on our donation page.
If you win 3rd place, you will get $10 USD store credit for anything on our donation page.
All placed winners and honorable mentions will receive a select powder in game, and their art displayed on forums.

How will we be judged?:
You will be judged on 3 different categories by 3 judges. These categories are:
  • Creativity and Uniqueness ( ~/30 )
  • Overall Look and Aesthetic ( ~/30 )
  • Overall Impression of the Work ( ~/30 )
Is digital art allowed?:
Yes, as long as it fits into our guidelines mentioned above.

What is plagiarism?:
Plagiarism is stealing or copying someone’s work and claiming it as your own. We take this very seriously, so if you are caught plagiarizing, your submission(s) will be removed and you will not be able to enter the contest.

We hope to see your art in our contest!
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We have added more plot commands for you all to enjoy:
  • /plot warp [name] (if you just type /plot warp, you will get a clickable list of warps)
  • /plot addwarp <name>
  • /plot delwarp <name> (plot warps delete if you clear your plot)
  • /plot near
  • /plot timer <time example: 1h 30m> (do /plot timer cancel to stop a timer) - replaces /countdown
  • /plot broadcast <msg> - replaces /plotsay
  • Better looking /p info with clickable warp list
More commands and features soon to come!
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Good morning,

Our judges have finished examining the entries in our Under The Sea build competition, and have picked the winners! All 565 entries were filtered to 121 promising builds, which our judges then scored. Before announcing the winners, let's go over how each entry was scored.

4 separate categories were created to capture every aspect of one's build, judged by our builders. They are as follows:

Atmosphere: The entry is rated on how each component of the build fits together into one theme and build; how one feels when flying around the plot. Judged by HeavensGift.

Creativity: The entry is rated on how creative the topic of the build is in the form of an aquatic-themed build. Judged by JetTG.

Detail: The entry is rated on the amount of time and thought that appears to have been given in the creation of the build. Judged by stgclilly.

General Effect: The entry is rated on the general feel of the build, and how well that feel is communicated by the builder. Essentially a combination of the other three categories. Judged by SaiTitan.

Each of these categories were combined and equally weighted to create a final score for the build. Here are the final results:

1st place: Cornboyz
2nd place: King_Weasel
3rd place: Yas_Arizona
Honorable mentions: aPandaOnceSaid, xGreatful, jusRobin, MrStickMike, Jim_Rat
Please contact an admin to receive your prizes.

All users who participated in the build competition have received a "BuildComp2018" Powder, and all winners (honorable mentions included) have received a "BuildComp2018Winner" Powder.

Download the world here
Click the download button in the top right corner. Then unzip and move the "world" folder to your .minecraft/saves folder on your computer. Here is a tutorial for how to get to the .minecraft/saves folder.

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were tons of amazing builds out there, and it was difficult to determine the winners with so many great entries. We hope to be hosting another build competition soon!



Cornboyz: 1st place

This take on the lost city of Atlantis is an immense build which screenshots don’t do justice. The individual detail in every element of this masterpiece blends perfectly into a wonderful mix of sea life and ancient mythology.


King_Weasel: 2nd place

The contrast between the simple sailboat above the water and the huge ecosystem of coral, huge monsters, and wrecks underneath makes this take on the Bermuda Triangle unique. This huge mix of the giant octopus, an oil tanker, a plane, a battleship, a lava ravine, various sea life, and other terrific creations mixes together wonderfully.


Yas_Arizona: 3rd place

This build chooses an interesting perspective on the “Under the Sea” idea -- a bedroom which feels as if it’s under the sea. Every single part of the room is aquatically themed, with seahorse bedsheets, a dolphin wallpaper, and even a conch shell clock.


aPandaOnceSaid: Honorable Mention

A bird with a fish in its mouth sits over the water as an old man drops his fishing rod into the spectacular depths below. There’s so much in this build to find, with neat details and secrets in every corner....
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UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you very much to everyone who participated! It was a blast! Expect the judging to be done by Friday at the latest.

Hello everybody!

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a build competition running from July 1st (opening at 10:00 am EDT) to July 10th (ending at 5 pm EDT). The theme of the competition is “Under The Sea”, inspired by the upcoming Minecraft update, the “Update Aquatic”. Dive in and show off your building skills -- from a Great Coral Reef to the Lost City of Atlantis, the building possibilities are endless! You will be given a 101x101 plot to build your underwater creations. The server will be join-able with a temporary portal on hub or by command: /buildcomp. Good luck!

You can win:

1st place: $50 store credit for anything on our donation page
2nd place: $20 store credit for anything on our donation page
3rd place: $10 store credit for anything on our donation page
Honorable mentions: 1 free plot for use on our Creative Plots server
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Update (Nov. 20)
It would appear our forwards compatibility for 1.13.2 has broken this feature. It will remain broken until further notice.


We have added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition/Pocket Edition clients to join our Java Minecraft servers.

The connection details are:
Hostname: mc.ruinscraft.com
Port: 19132 (the default Bedrock Edition port)​

According to Minecraft Wiki, the following platforms are supported:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Fire OS
  • Windows 10
  • Gear VR
  • Fire TV
  • Xbox One
This WILL be buggy! Not everything will work as expected. Please do not notify us about bugs.

When you join, you will be prompted to enter your Minecraft: Java Edition credentials to authenticate with Mojang. Ruinscraft cannot see these credentials and you can be rest assured they are only sent to Mojang.

Example of Pocket Edition server details:

Example of once you join the Bedrock Edition server:

Example of client connected to Ruinscraft plots:

In Pocket Edition, it may appear as it is "Locating server" constantly. You should still be able to click and join even though this is the case.​
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We have developed a Discord bot which will be automating the verification process for our Discord. Becoming verified will allow you to view and post messages in our public channels. If you are already joined and verified on our Discord, you do not have to do anything.

For new users to our Discord, you will receive a private message from "Ruinscraft BotBoi" which will contain a command you must type on any of our Minecraft servers to become verified on our Discord. If you do not receive a message, ensure you have private messages enabled in your settings, then leave and rejoin the Discord server.

BotBoi is also planned to have other features in the future. So stay tuned!

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/srSSSgJ
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VoxelSniper is now available for all members.

Similar to WorldEdit, VoxelSniper is a block editing resource which many builders use to upgrade their builds. Find out more info here. We've added over 60 VoxelSniper brushes for all users to enjoy (almost all of the available brushes) -- you can see all brushes with "/vs brushes" in-game. Try it out on Creative Plots or Creative Infinite!

Note: some of the VoxelSniper commands have been changed to avoid interfering with other plugins. If they were changed, a "v" has been put in front of them. For example, "/u" has been changed to "/vu".

Along with VoxelSniper, we've introduced bunches of new WorldEdit commands and brushes.
These include: //curve, //naturalize, //fixlighting, //removelighting, //regen, //hollow, //line, //forest, //deform, //flora, //fill, //drain, //removebelow, //green, //extinguish, //caves, //ore, //lazycopy, //farwand, //br shatter, //br erode, //br pull, //br stencil, //br spline, //br line, //br surfacespline, //br rock, and much more! You can also access these on Creative Plots or Creative Infinite.

If you have any issues to report with these commands, please feel free to let us know. Thanks for reading.
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Happy Easter and Happy Spring (for all of our Northern Hemisphere friends)!

Everything in our store will be 20% off until Tuesday, April 3rd.

Keep an eye on new updates for the server. We've got a lot coming before summer!
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What is a Powder?

A Powder is a bunch of particles that can have a picture, sound, or just a dusty effect. Here are some examples:



**Particles need to enabled in settings to be able to see Powders
**Powders near the world border will look strange

18 Powders are available, and more will come soon. They are available for various VIP tiers, listed on our donation page. You can access Powders with /powder.

Please report all issues you come across to a staff member!
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