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UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you very much to everyone who participated! It was a blast! Expect the judging to be done by Friday at the latest.

Hello everybody!

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a build competition running from July 1st (opening at 10:00 am EDT) to July 10th (ending at 5 pm EDT). The theme of the competition is “Under The Sea”, inspired by the upcoming Minecraft update, the “Update Aquatic”. Dive in and show off your building skills -- from a Great Coral Reef to the Lost City of Atlantis, the building possibilities are endless! You will be given a 101x101 plot to build your underwater creations. The server will be join-able with a temporary portal on hub or by command: /buildcomp. Good luck!

You can win:

1st place: $50 store credit for anything on our donation page
2nd place: $20 store credit for anything on our donation page
3rd place: $10 store credit for anything on our donation page
Honorable mentions: 1 free plot for use on our Creative Plots server
by royalkingkb at 9:14 PM
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Update (Nov. 20)
It would appear our forwards compatibility for 1.13.2 has broken this feature. It will remain broken until further notice.


We have added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition/Pocket Edition clients to join our Java Minecraft servers.

The connection details are:
Hostname: mc.ruinscraft.com
Port: 19132 (the default Bedrock Edition port)​

According to Minecraft Wiki, the following platforms are supported:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Fire OS
  • Windows 10
  • Gear VR
  • Fire TV
  • Xbox One
This WILL be buggy! Not everything will work as expected. Please do not notify us about bugs.

When you join, you will be prompted to enter your Minecraft: Java Edition credentials to authenticate with Mojang. Ruinscraft cannot see these credentials and you can be rest assured they are only sent to Mojang.

Example of Pocket Edition server details:

Example of once you join the Bedrock Edition server:

Example of client connected to Ruinscraft plots:

In Pocket Edition, it may appear as it is "Locating server" constantly. You should still be able to click and join even though this is the case.​
by royalkingkb at 10:05 AM
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We have developed a Discord bot which will be automating the verification process for our Discord. Becoming verified will allow you to view and post messages in our public channels. If you are already joined and verified on our Discord, you do not have to do anything.

For new users to our Discord, you will receive a private message from "Ruinscraft BotBoi" which will contain a command you must type on any of our Minecraft servers to become verified on our Discord. If you do not receive a message, ensure you have private messages enabled in your settings, then leave and rejoin the Discord server.

BotBoi is also planned to have other features in the future. So stay tuned!

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/srSSSgJ
by StupidDrew9 at 10:16 PM
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VoxelSniper is now available for all members.

Similar to WorldEdit, VoxelSniper is a block editing resource which many builders use to upgrade their builds. Find out more info here. We've added over 60 VoxelSniper brushes for all users to enjoy (almost all of the available brushes) -- you can see all brushes with "/vs brushes" in-game. Try it out on Creative Plots or Creative Infinite!

Note: some of the VoxelSniper commands have been changed to avoid interfering with other plugins. If they were changed, a "v" has been put in front of them. For example, "/u" has been changed to "/vu".

Along with VoxelSniper, we've introduced bunches of new WorldEdit commands and brushes.
These include: //curve, //naturalize, //fixlighting, //removelighting, //regen, //hollow, //line, //forest, //deform, //flora, //fill, //drain, //removebelow, //green, //extinguish, //caves, //ore, //lazycopy, //farwand, //br shatter, //br erode, //br pull, //br stencil, //br spline, //br line, //br surfacespline, //br rock, and much more! You can also access these on Creative Plots or Creative Infinite.

If you have any issues to report with these commands, please feel free to let us know. Thanks for reading.
by royalkingkb at 2:41 PM
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Happy Easter and Happy Spring (for all of our Northern Hemisphere friends)!

Everything in our store will be 20% off until Tuesday, April 3rd.

Keep an eye on new updates for the server. We've got a lot coming before summer!
by StupidDrew9 at 11:15 PM
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What is a Powder?

A Powder is a bunch of particles that can have a picture, sound, or just a dusty effect. Here are some examples:



**Particles need to enabled in settings to be able to see Powders
**Powders near the world border will look strange

18 Powders are available, and more will come soon. They are available for various VIP tiers, listed on our donation page. You can access Powders with /powder.

Please report all issues you come across to a staff member!
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Happy Holidays from Ruinscraft!

All packages on our donation page are 50% off from today to January 2nd. Soon, we'll be introducing some new extras for Creative Infinite, so stay tuned! Visit our donation page at donate.ruinscraft.com.

Today, we will be closing the Creative Infinite Beta to prepare for the full release of the server on December 20th. All current claims/builds on the server will be cleared -- we'll be making a few changes to the server during its downtime, including some changes to the size of each claim. We're excited for the release, and we hope you join us for it!

Our Christmas giveaway ended yesterday, and the winners are Briezzy55 and FireNinja52YT! If they do not claim their rewards by 3:00PM EST on the 19th, new winners will be chosen. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Thanks for a great 2017! We're super excited for what we have planned for 2018. Have a wonderful Christmas!

EDIT: Since one of the winners of the giveaway did not contact us within 3 days, a new winner was redrawn. The winner of the redraw is Roux007. This person will also have 3 days to contact an administrator and claim their prize.
by efusion4 at 1:16 AM
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Hey everyone! Since Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time for another giveaway!

This time around, each winner will win two VIP upgrades. These winners will also have the choice to exchange the tiers for store credit, which can be used to purchase other items in the server store. In order to enter this giveaway you must type /enter on the hub or creative server. The winners will be announced on December 16, 2017. Keep an eye out on the website after this date so you can check if you have won. Have a wonderful month, and Happy Holidays from Ruinscraft!
by Concurrence at 3:01 PM
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Good afternoon,

Starting today until next Tuesday, November 28, we will be having a 30% off Thanksgiving Weekend Sale! Now is the ideal time to purchase a VIP rank. All VIP ranks will be able to participate in the Creative Infinite Beta release this Saturday. Creative Infinite is a creative plot server inside a normal Minecraft world. For more information on Creative Infinite visit here.

Out of the 785 people that entered the giveaway, there was only one lucky winner. The randomly selected winner of the two VIP tiers is Shiba_Wolf_ and will receive his or her prize once they message an admin on the forums or in-game by November 26.

Be sure to check out our webstore: donate.ruinscraft.com.

Happy Thanksgiving!
by royalkingkb at 3:13 PM
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Good afternoon!

It’s been quite a while since our initial hint at this project, but we’re finally ready to release the basic info for Creative Infinite. So, here’s the burning question… (please read the entire post, it affects all of Ruinscraft!)

What is Creative Infinite?

In a summary, Creative Infinite is a Creative server inside of a regular Minecraft world, implementing the various features of Creative Plots. Players can claim 16 (subject to change) 32x32 plots of natural terrain, called “claims”, and can gain more of these claims through playtime and other ways. There are no plot roads, so claims are merged automatically if you own two next to each other.

Creative Infinite was designed to be a revised version of our previously popular server commonly known as “Main” or “Freebuild”, which was the original gamemode of Ruinscraft when we first opened to the public in 2012.

If you are familiar with “Main” and familiar with our Creative Plots server, then you will mostly feel familiar with Creative Infinite as it is designed to be a combination of the two. The name Creative Infinite comes from the idea that you are not restricted to a plot of land in an empty, boring flat world, but rather, you are able to venture out and find areas you like and claim them in a normally generated Minecraft world.

On Creative Infinite, you will default to Creative mode, like Creative Plots, but are able to change to any gamemode you please (survival, adventure, creative, and spectator).

Creative Infinite will be using the same plot management system our current Creative Plots server does (PlotSquared), so you will automatically be familiar with the functionality and all the commands if you are familiar with Creative Plots.

You will be able to build on any claimed land you own, or are added to. You will not be able to build on unclaimed land. Think of it like Creative Plots; you can only build on plots / claims you have permission to.

Much like Creative Plots, we will have a block logging plugin that will allow you to see who has placed or destroyed blocks in the world. Griefing will not be permitted on this server.

In Creative Infinite, you will be able to use WorldEdit, just like you have been able to on our Creative Plots server. We are still allowing unrestricted1 WorldEdit that is accessible without voting, donations, or any other prerequisites. This is something that we value our players have access to. WorldEdit is an essential part of the creative/building experience and we would never hinder our players’ ability to use it freely.

An example of a person building on a single claim on Creative Infinite:​

The walls in this image represent the edge of the claim, showing that the claim owner built a wall signifying the edge of where they can build. Claims extend from bedrock to the build height limit.

An example of a person building on 3 claims on Creative Infinite:​

1 block is spaced between regular claims -- however, these claims automatically merge if you own two claims next to each other, removing this 1 block gap.

We also plan to incorporate multiple worlds into the server, including the nether, end, and possibly more than one overworld. These alternate worlds may or may not be VIP exclusive.

Many players have requested the popular world manipulation plugin, VoxelSniper. We are currently looking into the possible implementation of this plugin on Ruinscraft but it is uncertain at this time if we will add it.

What other changes will there be?

Ruinscraft Social Update

With the addition of Creative Infinite, we are aiming to create more of an interconnected gameplay experience throughout our network, so that friends and players can talk and work together easily through separate servers. We’ve planned a number of changes to coincide with the release of Creative Infinite, to allow for connected gameplay between each server. These changes are titled the Ruinscraft Social update.Perhaps one of the largest changes of the Ruinscraft Social update that will affect all players is our new chat system. We believe that it is essential to keep the community connected across all of our servers, instead of segregated, with stagnant chats on servers which have little players. For this reason, we have decided to create a cross-server chat which will be active on all servers on Ruinscraft. It will be much like the /global and /local system on our Creative Plots server now. The commands will be the same -- /global will put you in the cross-server...
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