by dukesmart at 12:26 AM
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EDIT: Capture the flag has won the poll!

What would you like to see for Ruinscraft's next event? Vote in the poll, or leave a reply!

This is an for an event, not for a permanent server. The date(s) it will be held have not yet been decided, but sometime fairly soon.

Poll closes next Friday.
by royalkingkb at 9:34 PM
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You can now choose many different ratings for posts other than just the standard like button. Go test it out!
by dukesmart at 3:15 PM
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As we approach the Factions reset this weekend, we're allowing all VIP tiers to tour the new Factions spawn on the event server until this Friday! You can preview it by typing /server event.

If you have any feedback about the spawn, or any suggestions to things you might change, please leave a reply to this thread and let us know what you think. It's important to realize that this is just a preview and that things are not yet finalized and published.

Also, if your VIP tier was reset to what it was at an older date or if you have problems getting in to the server, please message an admin or myself right away so we can fix that for you. This was an error while whitelisting VIPs to the event server.
by royalkingkb at 6:57 PM
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Wow, it's been a while since we last had our factions server reset! We've been working continuously to bring you guys a fully revamped server with a new spawn, and many new and improved plugins. Since school is nearly out (for most at least), we hope to bring new people and spend more time working in new ideas to the server. For all you people awaiting this, here is what you need to know:

When will the server reset? The weekend of June 6-7 (undecided which day).
Will I keep my money?!?!?!!1 No, sorry, all balances are being reset.
OK, will I keep my rank if I donated? Yes, all ranks transfer over.
Can I keep my Enderchest or other storage? No, everything is resetting. No exceptions, sorry.

We will update you guys on Twitter (@ruinscraft) and Facebook for more info on the exact release date.
by royalkingkb at 2:32 PM
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Hey guys, we will be hosting an Easter Survival Games event on /server event at these times:

1st Run: Saturday April 4th at 1pm EST

2nd Run: Sunday April 5th at 1pm EST

The winner of each game will be given $20 of in-store credit to use on donate.ruinscraft.com

See you there! (I would join about 10-15 minutes before the games start in order to reserve a spot!)
by royalkingkb at 7:29 PM
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We now have a new wiki on all things Ruinscraft related. We will soon let approved users edit this and create pages for the wiki. Right now it is mostly empty but it will eventually contain things such as tutorials on how to use commands, rules, important server information and more. Check it out with the tab at the top of the page that says WIKI.
by royalkingkb at 3:23 PM
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Welcome back, the site is back up. When you sign up, please use your Minecraft username. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @ruinscraft for updates and other information.
by royalkingkb at 3:13 PM
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You can vote for various rewards on all of our servers. here are the links that you need to vote:
It may take a few minutes to get your rewards. You do not have to be online to receive the rewards.

1) http://minecraftservers.org/vote/216121

2) http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/ruinscraft-2933527/vote/

3) http://minecraftservers.net/server/46714/vote/

4) http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/130238/vote/

5) http://www.minestatus.net/96873-ruinscraft-network/vote
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