by royalkingkb at 3:04 PM
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Hi all,

We've recoded our chat plugin to include some additional features noted below:

Chat Settings
Change your chat settings with /chat

You can do things like: enable the chat filter, only allow DM's from your friends, and mute any chat channel (such as global, plot chat, town chat, etc)

/nickname - Change your nickname (shows before your name).

This nickname will appear in any non-global chat. For example, plot chat, town chat, nation chat, etc

Name color (Sponsors only)
/namecolor - Change your name color

This changes your name color in any non-global chat. For example, plot chat, town chat, nation chat, etc

/list - Shows players on the server you're currently on as well as staff and your friends
/listall - Shows players on all servers as well as staff and friends

Blocking/Ignoring (works on all Ruinscraft servers)
You can block a player with /block <username> (or /ignore)

Blocking a player will prevent you from seeing their messages in chat (including DMs and mail)

You can unblock a player with /unblock <username>

Friends (works on all Ruinscraft servers)
/friend list - Show your friends
/friend add <username> - Send a friend request to someone
/friend remove <username> - Remove someone from your friends list
/friend accept <username> - Accept a friend request
/friend deny <username> - Deny a friend request

Mail (works on all Ruinscraft servers)

/mail read - Read your mail
/mail clear - Mark all mail as read and clear your inbox
/mail send <username> - Send someone mail

Chat Filter Remarks
We've change our rules so that swearing is now permitted in chat. We do not allow racial slurs; you will be punished for using them.

If you wish to not see messages with swear words, you can change your chat settings with /chat.
by northikoto at 3:45 PM
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Hello everyone,

Thank you all for participating in our 2020 Year in Review contest; we had an incredible turnout this year of nearly 70 votes! Here are the names of the winners of the contest:

Most famous player: kamiheartlemon
Most active in the Discord: _____3
Biggest troublemaker: paleles
Biggest meme: The Plan
Most likely to start an uprising: hallucinationman
Most friendly player: TheTrueMunchkin
Town / Nation most likely to turn communist: Soviet Union
Town / Nation most likely to start a religion: ae_sporte
Town / Nation most likely to start a world war: Eurasia
Prettiest town / nation: Japan (and various cities within Japan)
Player most likely to become a politician: Tie between Demadunk and GH5T!
Most active player on MCATLAS: JohannesMir3v
Most popular plot: dukesmart
Most interactive plot: Ahpl
Most impressive plot: Tie between IIIRommelIII and iu3ovb3fv4uh9ffn!
Plot with the best map art: Pollero
Most active player on plots: Ieclen

Thanks to everyone for playing on Ruinscraft and contributing to the community over this past year! We hope to see you in 2021!
by northikoto at 9:53 PM
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[EDIT: Contest now closed as of January 9th]

Happy 2021, Ruinscraft!

Despite all the ups and downs of 2020, it's clear to see that one great thing has come out of this year. Ruinscraft has become filled with a great community of new members and familiar faces who have all bonded over the events of this past year.

To commemorate the wild ride of a year we have had, we are pleased to announce our third Ruinscraft Year in Review contest! Whether you are new or old, play MCPLOTS or MCATLAS, or play casually or competitively, this is your chance to choose the members of the community that made this year unique. Here's how to play:

Go to this website and enter the name that you think best fits the role for each question. For example:
Best owner: dukesmart
Best server: Ruinscraft

This year, we are doing things a little bit differently. There is a general category, an MCATLAS category, and an MCPLOTS category. If you don't play MCPLOTS, you can decide to just vote for MCATLAS, and vice versa.

Rules and Guidelines:
- Use your votes wisely, as a player can only win one title. This will be the title that they collected the most votes for.
- Please enter only one username, town name, or nation name per question.
- The contest will close Saturday, January 9th.
- You don't have to answer every question.
- Have fun! Remember that this is not a popularity contest, and it's all in good fun.

Happy New Year, everyone! Good luck!
by royalkingkb at 12:59 PM
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EDIT: World now available for download (includes document with plot coordinates)
World download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q8x-wuycJI8qNOO1DlVu3cyu6ySxvdRR/view?usp=sharing
Plot coordinates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qGkXdzGVkyajdRytAFGsCGirrMqV7ssW-UeAKmP_7v0/edit?usp=sharing

After enlisting 10 judges (staff and non-staff), we have calculated the winners for the 2020 Build Competition!

Here they are:
  1. aPandaOnceSaid
  2. Wyxcy
  3. JohannesMir3v
  4. OinkerCertified
  5. Snappy06
  6. Tajeks
  7. Saminochan
  8. Grimso04
  9. Electric4steel1
  10. din0sur
The rewards are:
1st place: $50 OR Ruinscraft Bundle
2nd place: $30 OR Ruinscraft Sponsor on any server of choice
3rd place: $30 OR Ruinscraft Sponsor on any server of choice
1st-10th place: Ruinscraft Stickers (we will mail you physical Ruinscraft stickers if you want them!)

Winners please contact an Admin via forums DM, Discord, in-game, or email ([email protected]) to claim your rewards! Thank you all for participating! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!










by royalkingkb at 5:19 PM
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You've been a crazy year. Let's make an event out of this craziness. You should build anything that represents the year 2020 in this 2020 Build Competition. Maybe it could be something related to coronavirus, the US Presidential Election, Riots (no NSFW material), stock market crash, or anything else!

Even if you don't want to build, hop on the server and claim some 2020 Powders (view them with /pow events). There's a portal on hub or use /buildcomp.

Building stops in 2 weeks (December 21 @ 6 PM EST).


1st place:
$50 OR Ruinscraft Bundle
2nd place: $30 OR Ruinscraft Sponsor on any server of choice
3rd place: $30 OR Ruinscraft Sponsor on any server of choice
1st-10th place: Ruinscraft Stickers (we will mail you physical Ruinscraft stickers if you want them!)

Happy building & Happy Holidays!
by royalkingkb at 1:44 AM
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Hi all,

We are officially launching (or relaunching) our Store! If you're interested in supporting Ruinscraft while getting some perks on our servers, consider purchasing a rank at: https://store.ruinscraft.com

For the launch, we are offering a 15% package discount until Monday, the 10th!

*Please note we had technical difficulties with our payment processor for Subscription packages. We are working to get those fixed. For this launch, we are only offering the standard "lifetime" packages.
by dukesmart at 4:27 PM
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Hi everyone!

I am proud to announce that we are releasing some changes to our ranks. Every current and future Ruinscraft server will now have a rank called “Sponsor.” On MCPLOTS, Sponsor will replace all VIP Tiers. No rank changes will occur on MCATLAS as Sponsor already exists.

When will the change happen?

The changes will happen gradually over the next couple of days. It will take time to transition all of our systems to support the new Sponsor rank.

Who will get it?

If you have previously purchased a VIP Tier at any time in history, you will receive The Ruinscraft Bundle for lifetime, which includes Sponsor on all servers. We are grateful for your support which allows Ruinscraft to operate day to day.

What will it get?

Sponsor will receive different perks depending on the server.

  • 1 free plot per month
  • The ability to merge plots
  • The ability to set plot flags
  • The ability to walk and fly faster
  • The ability to color text on signs
  • The ability to use /localcolor to change your username's color in the /local Plot Channel
  • The ability to teleport to anyone instantly with /tp
  • Higher view distance (great for screenshots!)
  • Use Pets
  • Use Disguises
  • Use Powders (songs and fancy particle effects)

  • Teleport to any real life location (Example: /goto New York City)
  • Higher view distance (great for screenshots!)
  • Hide yourself on the online map
  • Wear an item as a hat
  • Check who tamed a pet
  • Get skulls of players you kill
  • More rewards for voting
  • Use Powders (songs and fancy particle effects)

Ruinscraft Bundle Perks:
  • Receive Sponsor on all current and future Ruinscraft servers, including the Ruinscraft Hub
  • Ability to fly in the Ruinscraft Hub
Pricing Model:

Sponsor (any single server)
$30 for lifetime OR $3 /mo​
Ruinscraft Bundle (includes Sponsor on all current and future servers)
$50 for lifetime OR $5 /mo​

*Keep in mind that we sometimes have sales!

For more updates, be sure to follow us on twitter!
by royalkingkb at 6:12 PM
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You can now experience The End on MCATLAS!

How to get there:

You can only get to an End World with an End Portal. End Portals open randomly every 12-24 hours and stay open for 1 hour. There is a new End World each time an End Portal spawns. This means there will be a new dragon fight, new resources to loot, etc. The End World gets deleted once all players have left the world.

How to find an End Portal:
End portals spawn randomly in the Earth World. You'll have to track them down by either following where lightning strikes or by using Eyes of Ender.

More on End Worlds:
  • Once the End Portal that goes to an End World closes, there is no way to get back.
  • You can always get back to the Earth World from an End World. The portal in the End does not close.
  • You cannot place containers in an End World (much like the Nether)
  • There is a buffer time between reboots/player logouts so that the world won't get deleted immediately if the server goes down or you log off.
  • There can technically be multiple End Worlds loaded at the same time. This can happen if players stay in one End World while it's portal closes and wait until a new portal opens.
  • There is PvP in every End World
More on End Portals:
  • An End Portal is not a physical build with blocks, rather a cylinder of particle effects you must stand in.
  • Lightning strikes at the location of an End Portal every few minutes.
  • An End Portal closes after 1 hour of being open.
  • End Portals open every 12-24 hours at a random location in the world.
  • You must stand in an End Portal for 10 seconds before you are teleported to the End World it goes to.
  • An End Portal will not spawn in a Town claim.
  • You cannot make a Town claim by an active End Portal.
We will have an End Portal open at the time of this post so you can experience it.

EDIT: First End Portal has closed. GG to all who found it.
by royalkingkb at 7:23 PM
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It is time to completely drop our Skyblock & Creative Infinite servers. I am sure this will come of no surprise to most of you. We are upgrading our internal software systems and can no longer make the case to support Skyblock & Creative Infinite.

The only case to be made for continuing to host these servers was to keep the worlds online for people to cherish memories and admire previous builds. This is why we are offering world downloads for both servers.
Skyblock World Info:
Compressed download size: 109 MB
Size: 617 MB
Island coordinates (also included with the download): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16W5FmkQfaljuZr0_Rfs9mXz274MTz3omKzMZRg3JprA/edit?usp=sharing
World download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pFVy8J9J6FHwY9-YqzVZyfzlyRj9KDle/view?usp=sharing

Creative Infinite World Info:
Compressed download size: 1.3 GB
Size: 1.6 GB
Plot coordinates (also included with the download): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HM4VJYLq5hAP_0U8lMF9gOUNmOXb3Q3SjWZ9H0kdkhI/edit?usp=sharing
World download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VGRB2dc0fF91IqVc9rPztqlVe0aZW2tQ/view?usp=sharing

Finding your builds:
Use the Island/Plot coordinate files on Google Docs (or included with the downloads) to find your builds on the singleplayer worlds. You can teleport to coordinates with /tp <x> <y> <z>

Installing the worlds:
1. Unzip/decompress the downloaded .zip file
2. Move the decompressed folder to your Minecraft saves folder
3. Launch Minecraft Singleplayer and load the world

If you need help installing the world, please leave a reply on this post. I will be glad to help.
by StupidDrew9 at 11:17 PM
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Hi everyone,

It's July 1st, exactly one year since the release of our MCAtlas server!

To celebrate, we're having our second ever Powder hunt on MCAtlas. Powders are particle effects and noteblock songs which you can display. There are over 30 clues to find in /clues, with each clue related to MCAtlas history! Each clue is located in a semi-hidden spot in each Town the clue references.

You know you've found a clue when you see this rotating rainbow column:

Along with our Powder hunt, we'll also be doing double gold voting for the length of the event! All of this will last for one week, ending on July 8th.

We've had lots of fun for the first year of MCAtlas, and we're excited for what's in store this year. Happy hunting!
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