Code Repositories Made Public

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I've made public the majority of code repositories which we are able to make public. Notably a lot of MCAtlas and Steve Cinema code that was private is now public. Assume MIT licensing unless otherwise stated in the respective repository. You may use the code for your own uses but the copyright must stay under Ruinscraft.

For anyone who's interested, they are here:

Thank You

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The roots of Ruinscraft began in 2011 and have since prospered for over 10 years, all the while providing entertainment for tens of thousands of people around the world. We are truly thankful for those that have come, gone, and stayed throughout that time. You are the center of what has made Ruinscraft special.

It is with great sadness that I say this but, @royalkingkb and I have collectively decided it is time to close Ruinscraft as a whole by the end of the year.

It has come time to redirect our attention to things beyond Ruinscraft, seeking the ambitions of our careers and of our personal lives. It may come as a surprise for some, perhaps not for others, that our passion to operate the server is not what it once was. I’ve always known the day would come where we would make the difficult decision to bring things to an end. The server and community has been an important role in my life for so long that it makes this...

MCATLAS Weather Update

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MCATLAS Weather Update​

Hi all,

This update has been in the works for months now, and I'm happy to finally release it all to the public. In our attempt to keep our server realistic, we're keeping as much weather true to real life as we can. I will go over what weather we've added to the server:

Tropical Cyclones


Hurricanes, tropical storms, typhoons, etc. can all be found on MCATLAS where they exist in real life.
If you're near one, it'll toss you around, and you could lose items in your inventory! If you get into the eye of the storm (which is no easy task), you will win a prize.

The armor won from the tropical storm​
Withstanding the storm...​

A social Minecraft Server - Steve Cinema

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Steve Cinema Announcement​


We're looking to push the boundaries of what is currently possible within the game and offer a unique gamemode which has never been seen in Minecraft until now. Welcome to Steve Cinema.

Core Concepts​

Steve Cinema will allow you to watch videos from services such as YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud (for music), and more.

Everyone is in a hand built map with theater rooms scattered around. You can walk into a theater room and request any video to play. Videos are synchronized between clients. Everyone sees the same thing on the screen at the same time.

Notable Information:
  • Viewing the videos...

MCATLAS 2 Year Anniversary

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2 Years of MCATLAS

Hi all,

On July 1st, 2019, we launched MCATLAS to the public. To celebrate 2 years since then, we're launching another Powder Hunt (but with some changes)!

Powders are particle effects and noteblock songs which you can play anywhere. You will be given clues to figure out where these Powders are, and once you find the location of the clue, you win a Powder!

You will know you have found a clue if you find this

Clues are generally located in semi-hidden locations near where the clue describes. The clues are themed around MCATLAS history, and will refer to player builds, abandoned Towns, and current Towns.

If you type /clues, you will see a menu that shows what clues you have found, what clues you can find, and how many clues are left. Hover over a clue to see its hint. Clues will additionally inform...